Mom daugther tattoo

Trendy, unique and super original: the mom daughter tattoo is not only the most instagrammable trend of recent times, but it is also a message of love that excites

Those who love tattoos and share their passion with their children have no doubts: there is nothing better than a mother-daughter tattoo that can express the infinite love of an indissoluble bond. We are talking about the social trend of the moment: in fact, it is enough to look for the hashtag #motheranddaughtertattoo to literally let oneself be submerged by fabulous ideas for a really special #familytattoo.

Mothers and daughters soon develop a relationship of great friendship, love and devotion. They are friends, accomplices and confidants: that’s why, sometimes, it’s nice to be able to represent this bond with a little ink on the skin, to make a tattoo that, at any time, will remember the beauty of a unique relationship.

In this article we will give you some ideas to make your mother daughter tattoos more special, small and large, capable of enclosing in a small space what you can’t describe in words!

Tattoos to do in two: mom and daughter together

Here are some tattoo ideas for mom and daughter, which can be done anywhere in the body. We recommend the arms, because in this way it will be enough to lower the look and, at any time, remember the most special person of all.

A tattoo that is completed alongside the other

There is nothing more symbolic than a small tattoo, such as half a little heart, which, when approached to that of the other, is completed. It can be done on the arms, on the feet or even on the fingers: it is a small, fast and full of meaning mom daughter tattoo. The tattoo is complete only when mother and daughter are close enough to touch, and isn’t this the most beautiful metaphor of all?

“Like Mother / Like Daughter”, or “Tale Mother / Such Daughter”

This writing is disarmingly simple, but it will allow you to share a special moment with your best friend. It is a tattoo that not only immediately evokes its meaning in the eyes of all, but if done in the same point of the body by both it can really give a special emotion to the viewer and, above all, to those who wear it every day with pride!

A symbol that portrays a hobby that is shared between mother and daughter

Nothing more fun than two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly, or cup and teapot. There are a thousand hobbies that can be shared between mother and daughter, and each of these can be represented by a symbol that distinguishes you and only you.

A symbol taken from a book, a song or a film that you love both

There is nothing better than to wish for eternal love through the words or images of a successful author. The Harry Potter enthusiasts will find particularly suitable, for example, the symbol of the Deathly Hallows, but there are many other ideas that can be associated with a tattoo that is already beautiful on its own but, if done with a special person it can still become more special.

A small tattoo on the finger

You can see it at any time of the day and, if necessary, you can hide it with a ring. But he is always there and, this tattoo, represents the bond between mother and his most beautiful daughter. It can be a geometric tattoo, a flower, a star, a heart or an initial: it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it is the only gift that you can be sure will never be lost.

When designing a mother daughter tattoo, the only limit is the imagination: let yourself be inspired by the ideas you find on the internet and create a version that is really all yours, designed specifically to express the potential of a love like there is only one !


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