Beauty trends on Instagram do not stop, and although we appreciate that some are functional and beautiful, we also wonder why others are so absurd and strange. And if we talk about eyebrow makeup, then we must say that there is a small problem because girls can not stop inventing shapes or designs, adding flowers, dyeing or trimming them.

Now a new eyebrow fashion has appeared and it has to do with Serena Tsukino, better known as Sailor Moon, because they have the power of the lunar prism and also the form. We are talking about the moon’s eyebrows.

These eyebrows are inspired by the Moon and Sailor Moon

The make-up artist and creator of the modeling agency Skyz Agenci, Stefan James, is obsessed with eyebrows, so he is constantly inventing new models and shapes that, obviously, could not be used daily. James has been doing and sharing his work in social networks for years:

In fact, I worked with my friend Hayley Bui to create the idea. She loves Luna and Sailor Moon, she has moon tattoos. Just one day I did this eyebrow style and I loved it.

James uses Photoshop to create new models of makeup and eyebrows, and one fine day – playing – he created the moon’s eyebrows, a type of makeup that frames the eyes and makes them stand out.

The influencer Hayley Bui joined the trend

The founder of Hayley Cosmetics joined her friend to show the moon’s eyebrows. In his Instagram account, James received good and bad comments and then clarified that he does not want anyone to try, that he was just playing:

The eyebrows have had a crazy reaction, some people love them and others hate them. I just created the editions for fun, but it’s crazy to see the unpleasant comments from the people who are against it. It’s about creativity for me. I guess that closed-minded people do not really like to see the change. However, we are living in a new era, we are being creative and thinking outside the box. This is probably one of the best things.

It’s not a usual makeup, but it’s cute

James also applied his magic to Kristy Lani, an Instagram star with 563 thousand followers, and she looks beautiful. We have to admit that it would not be a type of makeup that someone would use every day, to begin with because it’s a Photoshop effect, but it looks good, even in men.

But if they were real, would you use them?


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