Mother tincture

The mother tincture is a herbal remedy, very common in herbal medicine, which ensures numerous benefits. Here is everything you need to know about it

The mother dye consists of a liquid preparation that is obtained by cold maceration of fresh plant material, in a solution based on water and alcohol. In fact, this hydro-alcoholic solution is the fulcrum of other herbal preparations, and it is precisely for this reason that it is called “mother”.

Furthermore, it can be obtained by using any officinal herb. This interesting product is used in herbal medicine for the treatment of various disorders, as it ensures numerous benefits that depend on the plant used for the preparation.

In fact, we can get echinacea mother tincture, mother tincture hawthorn, mother tincture dye and mother tincture dandelion, just to give a few examples. Particularly interesting is propolis mother tincture, which helps to counteract oral cavity disorders, such as herpes simplex, burns, inflammation of the tongue or gums, respiratory disorders and colds.

Effects and properties of the mother tincture

Unlike what many people think, mother tincture is not a homeopathic drug, but an herbal extract, as the plant’s phytocomplex, or its set of active ingredients, is not altered. However, it should be emphasized that the benefits that can be obtained change depending on the type of plant that is used in the preparation.

The body’s absorption is rapid, if not immediate, as it is a liquid extraction. Very often mother dyes of different plants are associated, since, acting in synergy, they are able to bring greater benefits. In fact, this water-alcohol solution is useful for solving or mitigating various problems.

To act effectively, for example, on insomnia, depression and anxiety we recommend that based on escolzia, passionflower and hypericum. In the case in which, instead, we want to fight insect bites, sunburn, chilblains, eczema and mycosis, the calendula mother tincture is useful. Do you want a draining action? Then, the mother dyeing pill is effective. Therefore, based on your needs, it is possible to find the ideal solution, it is enough to know the most suitable plant to solve them.

Posology and preparation of the mother tincture

The mother tincture is taken orally, diluting the drops in half a glass of water. As a rule, the doses depend on the base plant with which it is made. However, in general, 20 to 120 drops per day are recommended, possibly away from meals. The expected period of employment, on the other hand, is around 2 months, but may vary.

But how do you prepare, for example, the calendula or echinacea mother tincture? As already mentioned above, it is necessary to start from fresh plants, which in herbal medicine are called drugs, so as to maintain the beneficial properties contained. These must be collected in their precise “balsamic time”, so as to make the most of the active ingredients preserved inside them.

The vegetables must be macerated in a solution of water and alcohol. Usually, the average grade used for the water-alcohol solution is 50 degrees, but much depends on the type of drug used. In fact, there are various extraction methods, but generally in the preparation of the mother tinctures a dosage of 1:10 is used, that is 10 parts of a water-alcohol solution for a part of the drug.

Maceration must take place at cold for at least 3 weeks, taking care to shake the glass container placed in the dark regularly. Once the necessary time has elapsed, the product obtained must be filtered and the vegetable residues subjected to pressing. To preserve the mother tincture for a long time it must be stored in dark glass containers and kept in a cool, light-free place.


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