Nail 2019

The decoration of nails is an important component in our daily aspect or to go out at night, which is why in this article we will show you the main trends for this 2019, so that you can choose the style that you like the most and suits your personality. The options are very varied, there is a lot to see, choose and be inspired.

The manicure is a very important detail when it comes to the beauty of the hand. With a modern manicure you can emphasize your own style and complete an outfit.


Even if you do not have money to buy clothes and accessories from well-known fashion houses, this is not a reason to stop using the logos. In the new season, the manicure with logos competes with any other type of manicure. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, Lagerfeld, now all the world class brands can be in your hands in the figurative sense of the word.

Now it is no longer necessary to waste time drawing outlines, in special stores you can buy decals, and they are very easy to use even at home. For this, it is necessary to cut a fragment of the vinyl with the necessary size, immerse it in the water for 1 minute (at room temperature), after which the image can be separated from the base.

Apply the image uniformly to the surface of the nail (it is recommended to use a special wooden rod) and let it dry. To complete the result, apply a top layer of clear enamel.

Nail lace

Designs that evoke the lace. An extremely sophisticated and feminine option.

The lace nails are always feminine and unusual. They seem very complicated to create them, but it is not like that. There are thousands of ways to get a manicure like that and we’ll give you some ideas.

The 3 best ways according to specialists:

  • Special lace for manicure, which is fixed on the nail with a special glue. When it dries, the nail is covered with a transparent top layer so that the result lasts longer.
  • Template that is transposed with a brush, then painted with transparent enamel.
  • Draw the lace with a fine needle, following a pattern. If you do not have drawing skills, you will not be able to achieve this work of art.


Instead of inventing complicated images, we should bear in mind that sometimes, the objects that we are accustomed to seeing on a daily basis can inspire us to create true works of art.

The texture of denim and a shiny zipper is a new trend in manicure.


We can find many ideas in nature. The natural textures of marble are a source of inspiration this season. The color combinations should be as natural as possible (black, white, gray, turquoise, blue), and golden details can be added.

Broken glass

Emphasizing the naturalness of the decoration, we should not forget the game of color and reflections. A well-known technique is broken glass, which involves the use of decorative sheets with holographic effect.

Dew drops

A monochromatic matte layer can be decorated with a 3D effect gel that will allow you to create transparent drops on your nails. In addition, they will become a wonderful addition of bright texture.

Form and natural length

This year the nails will be used short or with a more comfortable and natural length, from 2 to 5 mm. As for the shape, natural shapes, rounded or almond-shaped will also be used, leaving aside the square shapes.


There is a wide range of options from which you can choose the one you like the most. It can be something bold, or traditional and classic, with shades like burgundy and black. The forms can not only be half moons, but slightly more rectangular shapes or small edges following the shape of the cuticle.


Linear patterns and stripes gain strength. Most in vertical direction and with color combos such as red and black, light blue and burgundy and even with different combinations of colors on each nail.

Fantasy drawings

Techniques such as gradients and gradient textures are some of the most popular details that adorn the nails. He has also seen different designs for each nail.


Ornaments with bright or shiny metallic enamel decorating the entire nail or part of it.

Current colors

What colors will be trend in the new season?

Brown color

In the spring we can cover our nails in beige tones, matt upper layers and with minimal decorative elements. In the winter, this beige acquires a more intense shade of chocolate color.

Do not forget the golden candy decoration, which will give a charm to the monochrome coating.

Lila and purple

Do you remember the madness for the fuchsia colors and all the pink tones? Now the lilac became the main tone, which captures the center of attention. It can be complemented with contrast and pastel shades.


At this time there are many textures and several pigments for monochromatic coatings, therefore, pearl shades are always welcome. It seems that one of the most suitable winter options. The fine and delicate shine of the pearls gives them a special charm without needing any other decoration.

Bordeaux and muted tones of red

The red is mixed with blue, black, gold creating several interesting shades, such as burgundy, purple, orange, giving a really very elegant look to the hands. Matte glazes can also be an option this year.

Gold enamels

This color can be seen in the whole nail, with croissants in another color, or in a French manicure. Without a doubt, it can give us a very luxurious and chic look, whether it is a shiny or matt gold.

Natural or nude

Shades such as beige, pale peach, soft pink, or semitransparent white color will be used to preserve the natural appearance of the nails. You can decorate them with French manicures so they do not look so simple.

Black and nude

A nude color can be embellished with black color. Use it in any way: in the form of floral prints, geometric shapes or classic French manicure.


Gold, silver, copper, steel, are some of the metal enamels that will be used, and can be combined with stones or other metallic shades in gradient.


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