Refined and sophisticated manicure plays an important role in the external image of girls and women who observe themselves and wish to be the center of attention, captivating the admiration and protective glasses of all those around them.

You can easily and beautifully perform a beautiful manicure on your nails by selecting the appropriate nail design from 2019-2020, which best fits your image and complements it harmoniously.

The 2019-2020 fashion nail design season should be natural and not too flashy and supernatural, which are the main trends in the manicure of this and other seasons.

Therefore, wanting to always be fashionable, stick to the simple, simple and natural motives dictated by designers and nail masters, which will provide you with a modern and perfect 2019-2020 tie.

Trendy nail design 2019-2020 is represented by manicure options in geometric design, minimalist nail design, nail design with rhinestones and an incredibly popular nail design with rubbing and imitation of different surfaces.

Among such a wide variety of manicure options, demonstrated by nail art masters, you will definitely choose the most beautiful nail design that will make your feathers look well-groomed and beautiful, and the external image will be complete and Elegant.

To help you understand the many new trends and techniques for performing manicures, presented this season, we have created an original review on the subject: the best ideas and manicure design. 2019-2020 years.

In Search For inspiration and in the search for new ideas for manicure design 2019-2020, you can see a selection of photos with the best nail design this season, presented by the best nail masters.

Classic nail design 2019-2020: the most original ideas

The beautiful nail design 2019-2020 will be attractive for many women, and for those who prefer classic and moderation, as well as for admirers of experiments and a spectacular manicure in the nails.

When looking for an original nail design, you should not abandon the manicure of the jacket and the moon, the shadow and monochrome manicure in a certain color, which can always be easily complemented with rhinestones, camouflage, moldings, stamping, stickers, rubs, etc.

Classic manicure, concisely complemented with a variety of designs, looks very beautiful and elegant. The manicure with the nail design in a classic style is perfect for office, celebrations and events of all kinds.

Trend nail design 2019-2020: geometric patterns on the nails

Nail design with prints in a geometric style using various techniques and a multi-color palette is very popular, allowing you to create true masterpieces on the nails.

As a pattern for a manicure, where nail design is used in a geometric style, you can choose lines of different thicknesses, points, zigzags and shapes of different shapes.

Complete the nail design with the geometry of the “negative space” technique, when part of the nail is not dyed and colorless, it looks very elegant and refined on the handles.

Exclusive nail design 2019-2020: manicure with rhinestones

You probably won’t find a better decoration for manicure than rhinestones, beads and pebbles, especially when it comes to night and festive manicure, which will help complement your impeccable bow of night.

The design of nails with rhinestones should be concise and moderate, in any case, should not be abused with a lot of decoration in the design of the nails. Add one or two marigolds with cute rhinestones, placing them in a certain shape, a triangle or a diamond, or simply in a line in the corner of the nail, which will allow you to decorate your feathers.

Trendy minimalist nail design 2019-2020

Incredibly popular in the 2019-2020 season will be nail design in a minimalist style, represented by original manicure ideas for short, sharp nails. Nail design in such a decision should please girls and women who are fed up with our usual understanding of nail design.

The 2019-2020 fashion minimalist design manicure is manufactured in a sophisticated style with a minimum number of lines and points, and almost without decoration, with white, black and clear varnish, which highlight the originality of this type of manicure.

The most modern nail design 2019-2020, manicure ideas with design




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