Manicure in green and gray colors with Christmas details

The Christmas manicure with drawings of Santa Claus, candy canes and miniature spheres was in the past.

If you really want to show off a spectacular manicure during the holiday season, opt for a combination of colors, Matte effects, glitters snowflakes, stickers or picturesque designs. Here we give you 15 beautiful options, choose the one that best suits your style.

1. The colors of Christmas in your hands

 Manicure in green and gray colors with Christmas details

2. A snowflake, a lot of style

 Grayscale manicure with snowflakes as decoration

3. A design not suitable for muggles

 Manicure in black decorated with reindeers in fluorescent colors

4. The most stylish French design of the season

 French style manicure with Christmas details

5. Let out the Grinch inside you

 Blank manicure with details of The Grinch

6. Not all snowflakes are white

 Manicure in red with glitter and decorated with a snowflake in red

7. In matte for a sophisticated effect

 Manicure in gray and blue scale with Christmas details

8. Romantic and elegant until the end of the year

 Manicure in pink with Christmas details in gold

9. A burst of color!

 Green nails decorated with Christmas stickers

10. Golden sparkles in Decambrine times

 Nails decorated with glitters in gold

11. Minimalism + snow: perfect combination

 Black and white nails with black snowflakes

12. Give stickers a chance

 White and gray nails with Christmas stickers

13. The small details make the difference

 Nails with semi natural finish decorated with reindeer stickers

14. With reliefs of the season

 Nails tone mauve with details of Christmas spheres and pines in gold

15. Small and delicate reindeer antlers

 Bear-style nails with black details and reindeer antlers


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