Do you suffer every time you do a manicure at home because you know that in less than 24 hours the enamel will be peeling? You are not alone.

As much as we follow the corresponding steps and apply a protective base, we do not get our varnish last as long as when applied by a professional. So far, we share with you seven tricks that will make your polish last perfect longer, even than an elaborate nail arts.

Wash your hands before painting them

This will eliminate grease and dirt that you have previously acquired. The correct way is to wash as you do regularly, but when you get to your nails use a small brush to give them a deeper cleaning.

Let dry naturally

Soak a cotton ball with a little apple cider vinegar and massage your nails as you do when you remove the varnish. When it dries, you can paint them as usual.

Apply a base

Like your skin, the nails need a previous protection, which will give a stronger or more intense color to your varnish. There are brands with specialized products and you do not need to apply much; with one layer is enough.

If the base is not enough …

Apply a layer of white enamel that is like a canvas and so, by putting the colors on the nails, will give them more intensity.

Give a touch of brightness

It is better to apply a clear varnish or some with vitamin to give them shine and protection to the color.

Changes its color

It is preferable that you use neutral and solid colors. If you want to use some in neon shades or with glitter and similar decorations, do it every two weeks; you will notice that it lasts longer.

Keep the tonality

If you want to use the same color for a long time, apply an extra thin layer of clear varnish each day before going to sleep to prevent it from falling off quickly.


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