natural remedies to increase immune defenses

The best natural remedies to increase immune defenses in children, in anticipation of seasonal ailments

 natural remedies to increase immune defenses

I seasonal ailments are behind the door and at end of summer with the return to school and above all of the autumn here is that the first cooling syndromes will peep out, for this it will be good to try to increase the immunity defenses of our little ones, with some natural remedies, always after consulting the pediatrician who will prescribe the right remedies for each child.

We discover which are the major natural remedies which, if taken for a certain period, help to raise the immune defenses even in the youngest.

Natural remedies to strengthen immune defenses even in children

 cervical salt and oil

Some of the best natural remedies that can be given to children, always under control and medical advice pediatric are:

Ribes Nigrum

Perfect for strengthening the immunity defenses, powerful anti allergic and anti-inflammatory, also called the ‘vegetable cortisone’.

Elder flowers

Against phlegm and infection of the first airways. Excellent in the form of an infusion.

Rosa Canina

A powerful aid for the immune defenses, perfect for sore throat and cough.


A trace element with an anti-infective and anti-inflammatory power. [19659006] Oscillococcinum

A homeopathic remedy par excellence for raising the immune system and preventing seasonal ailments. It is taken in a weekly dose for a certain period.


Rich in vitamin C is one of the most suitable remedies to fight and prevent seasonal ailments.


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