Panties 2018-2019 photo novelties

Panties appeared only a few decades ago. In the old days, underwear was more closed and, consequently, uncomfortable.

Panties – briefs with a hole, which is located in the center of the hip, and elasticated at the waist.

A characteristic of these panties is the presence of relatively broad sides. They are extremely comfortable, practical and suitable for everyday wear.

 Panties 2018-2019 photo novelties

From tights to slips a lot of advantages: they can be worn under trousers or skirt, do not get stuck between the buttocks, completely closed.

Height-slides are divided into low (mini) or high (Maxi) .

Because of this, you can take almost any clothing.

If you prefer more coverage, be sure to pay attention to the indoor, high-model panties-slips.

 Panties 2018-2019 photo novelties

How to choose panties?

Always remember that panties should not be tight, STROF or strongly crash in leather.

The sheets are usually made from cotton, elastane, viscose, silk, nylon, and sometimes even from bamboo fibers.

Experts recommend buying clothes all the way i from any other natural material.

Not necessarily that the cotton was 100%, however, it is desirable that the synthetic material was not more than 50%.

 Panties 2018-2019 photo novelties

If you want to buy panties from any synthetic fabric, always make sure they have cotton vstavochka.

It usually slides decorated with lace, ribbons, bows or funny pictures.

Keep in mind the fact that, if your buttocks are not too elastic and too stiff, you will have to give the panties-slips, as in this case, it will be evident under the clothes.

 Panties 2018-2019 photo novelties

Especially if it turns out to be a decent model. Then in the upper part of the buttocks and hips are formed “dimples”.

In this case it is better to pay attention to the different seamless patterns that fit perfectly in any clothes.

Furthermore, these panties do not cause discomfort.

 Panties 2018-2019 photo novelties

It is worth noting that seamless underwear is the perfect choice for pregnant women.

If you are a fan of trousers or jeans with a low life, you like the low-slid slide. Such models, there is a huge amount.

The choice of underwear, first of all, think of comfort and convenience, and therefore pay attention to style and beautiful look.

Below is the photo gallery you can see Panties :

 Panties 2018-2019 photo novelties
 Panties 2018-2019 photo novelties
 Panties 2018-2019 photo novelties
 Panties 2018-2019 photo novelties [19659032] Panties 2018-2019 photo novelties


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