peach colored lipstick

To choose the most suitable peach-colored lipstick you must first understand which shade is best with your complexion. Here’s how to best match it

Bright and discreet, the peach-colored lipstick is one of the trend-setting colors of the summer 2019. Find out when to wear it and to those who are comfortable with the lipstick catches here.

Peach lipstick: who’s okay?

Alongside the most daring nuances, on the catwalks one of the most viewed lipsticks for the 2019 makeup was the peach color. Discreet, with an illuminating effect, the peach color, thanks to its many variations in shades, is suitable for all skin types.

How to find the most suitable peach lipstick for your skin type?

To find the most suitable peach lipstick for your complexion, you have to observe the undertone of the skin: if the skin is light, with a neutral or pink undertone, you will have to focus on more delicate shades, while if your skin is tanned, with a warm undertone, you’ll have to choose bolder shades.

Nuances tending to pink for fair skin

The peach lipstick does not have a single color tone: there are darker shades, tending to red and coral, and lighter, tending to pink.

For light skins, the best shades of peach-colored lipstick to be applied to the lips are the less daring ones, tending to pink.

Orange-colored nuances for dark skins

For those with darker skin, instead, the peach-colored lipstick to choose has a bolder and more decisive color, tending to orange.

Nude peach lipsticks, suitable for all skin tones

The peach lipstick in nude shades is perfect for brides: its fresh and delicate shade is perfect to combine with many different looks, both elegant and casual.

How to combine peach-colored lipstick?

Here are some tips to best match the peach-colored lipstick:

Tone on tone: the favorite combination of the VIPs in 2019

Peach-colored lipsticks are ideal for creating tone-on-tone make-up combinations, especially those with bolder shades of orange.

All you have to do is choose an eye shadow in a shade similar to that of a lipstick, such as a pink gold or a more or less similar peach pink, to create a tone-on-tone make-up to match your outfits.

For a day make-up, better to stay on lighter and more nuanced tones, while for the evening you can dare a little more, choosing more daring shades.

Peach lipstick and dark eyeshadow are the perfect match for the evening

For the make-up to be the height of the outfit you will wear for your elegant evenings, choose eye shadows with dark and sparkling shades, to match your peach-colored lipstick. Perfect, in this case, is the smokey-eye make-up, which accentuates the depth of the look.

And you, which peach lipstick will you choose to complete your make-up?


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