Used in small doses and thoughtfully, lemon is a great ally. It is full of benefits with proven effectiveness to prevent and relieve many daily ailments. But like anything consumed in excess, an immoderate abuse of this citrus fruit can have serious repercussions on your health and cause you very bad side effects. To avoid this, we explain in detail a list of the inconveniences caused by an excessive consumption of this food.

Lemon: Its effect on the sensitive digestive systems

If you are among the unlucky ones who suffer from ulcers and Gastroesophageal reflux, consumption of lemon is unfortunately contraindicated for you, especially on an empty stomach. According to nutritionist Dr. Laurence Plumey, the acidity of the PH contained in the fruit is in question because it amplifies the burning sensations throughout the digestive tract and esophagus and generates very uncomfortable sensations.

It is therefore better to opt for caution and redirect your interest to another food that you can fully enjoy the benefits without hindering your condition. Listen to your body and learn to recognize signs of food intolerance; this can help you identify which ones are best for you so that they can be safely integrated into your food program.

The effect of lemon on teeth

Foodies who adore the acidic and pronounced taste of lemon and often consume it in the form of undiluted juice may suffer from its sometimes quite severe effects on enamel. Indeed, the latter can wear out and become porous over time, exposing the teeth to more cavities because of this erosion.

It also weakens the gums and intensifies the sensitivity to hot and cold, participating in the irritation of the mucous membranes that can eventually cause the appearance of mouth ulcers. If you use it in this case in a dental whitening routine, it should be used in moderation.

Lemon increases the concentration of iron in the blood

This is due to the effective action of its vitamin C which acts by absorbing iron in the body, as a direct result we see the increase in blood levels in iron, which can be dangerous and harmful, thus promoting the risk of cardiovascular disease and considerably weakening the functions of vital organs.

The effect of lemon on the skin

Lemons have a reputation for cleaning and lightening the skin, giving it a clear complexion and helping to whiten the shadows. If moderate use helps to combat acne problems, dilated pores and blackheads, too much concentration can seriously damage the epidermis.

As a result, its use is not recommended for all skin types, since it may cause a rash of pimples and even a burning sensation. Also, be sure to never expose yourself to the sun immediately after applying lemon on your face as it is photosensitizing.

Other disadvantages:

– Citrus fruits can potentially alter and slow down the action of the active substances of certain therapeutic treatments. In case of doubt about drug interactions, it is essential to seek medical advice.

– It may in case of unsuspected allergy lead to the frequent occurrence of migraines according to this study.


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