Low-calorie and rich in vitamins A, C and E, peppers are perfect for those who want to adopt a healthy diet and lose weight.

Arrived in the Old Continent in the sixteenth century, yellow, orange, green and red vegetables, they are an inexhaustible source of antioxidants and potassium, the latter of incredible importance for the proper functioning of the heart. Capable of making the skin beautiful and luminous, as mentioned, the peppers are of great help even in the event that one aspires to throw down a few pounds.

The false myth of the pepper difficult to digest – Often when you go shopping, you skip these vegetables because they are not easily digested. In reality, the peppers themselves are not, but their peel is because of the presence of a substance called capsicin. What to do then? Simple. Just peel them during preparation

Pepper diet: what is it

Let’s now analyze in detail how it can be a typical day .

It starts in the morning with a breakfast consisting of a cup of skimmed milk or vegetable and 2 or 3 wholemeal rusks with a teaspoon of honey or jam without added sugar. In mid-morning, go ahead with a grilled fruit or half pepper. As for lunch, a great choice can be a chicken and pepper salad, a fruit or a slice of rye bread as a source of carbohydrates. As an afternoon snack you can give yourself a Greek yogurt, rich in protein. So for dinner it is ok a single dish with the absolute protagonist the pepper. A tasty and light variant can be represented by the ricotta stuffed pepper, an ingredient known for its noble proteins.

Attention !!! – Due to the presence of Cap a1 and Cap a2 allergens, peppers may cause reactions in predisposed people. For this it is necessary, before starting this diet, to discuss with your doctor or nutritionist.


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