Perfect feet in summer

To have perfect feet, ready for the swimsuit test, you have to start taking care of it right now: here’s how

Having perfect feet in the summer is a must. In this period of the year, in fact, we finally put on display this part of the body, which during the winter we had hidden in socks, ankle boots and sneakers. To arrive prepared for the summer appointment it is essential to create a pedicure in a workmanlike manner that can give us well-groomed, soft and beautiful feet and adapt our body and face beauty routine.

Having perfect feet is not an impossible task, just choose the right products, focus on ad hoc masks, remedies for cracking and scrubs. On the other hand, there is nothing worse than a poorly groomed foot sticking out of an open shoe. Here is how to heal your feet and make them perfect in just a few simple steps.

Perfect feet: the secrets and treatments to try

Summer has arrived and it’s time to take care of the feet. There are many treatments and cuddles that you can give yourself to have perfect feet, to show off on every occasion, just like the rest of the body is prepared for the swimsuit test.

Let’s find out what they are and how to make them.

Perfect feet: the mask

The foot mask is the most effective treatment for immediate and clearly visible results. This remedy is considered more effective even than pedicure and foot bath and comes from the East, where taking care of the feet is a real art. The mask consists of a nourishing wrap useful for softening areas where the skin is harder, like heels. These treatments are often based on lemon or honey, with a few drops of essential oil.

Perfect feet: the exfoliating scrub

Not only the face and the body, the scrub should also be done on the feet. Such as? Performing an exfoliating massage that will allow you to reactivate the blood circulation and eliminate dead cells. This treatment is usually prepared with natural ingredients and helps deflate and drain.

Perfect feet: the foot bath

Soaking your feet is the right move to relieve stress and devote yourself to a little daily cuddle. The secret to make it more effective? The addition of a few drops of essential oil in the water and a bit of coarse salt. Choose lavender if you want to relax or mint if you need a boost of energy.

The foot bath allows you to eliminate rough areas and moisturize the skin. If at the end of the treatment the heels are not yet soft, you can pass over a spatula or the pumice stone, making circular and light movements.

Perfect feet: nails

Before putting the cream on it is also important to take care of the nails. Cut them and remove the cuticles and cuticles. Then file them carefully. Finally apply a primer, let it dry, and pass the enamel color you prefer.

Perfect feet: hydration

Hydration is essential for having perfect feet. For this reason, never forget to spread the moisturizer on your skin. Alternatively you can bet on Argan oil or sweet almond oil, useful for having soft and fragrant feet.


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