Persimmons or lotuses are typical autumn fruits. Find out together the properties, the possible contraindications and all the curiosities that concern them.

The persimmons, also called khaki, are fruits of Asian origin. In China and Japan they are also known as lotuses or fruits from the tree of peace. Their name derives from the Japanese kaki noki. In nature there are different varieties such as persimmons vanilla and persimmons apple which, unlike the more common ones, are firm and can be cut into slices as they lack the classic pulp.
Rich in vitamins and mineral salts, such as all foods can have side effects. Let’s find out everything there is to know about persimmons, starting with nutritional values ​​to continue with the benefits and the best ways to eat them.

Everything about persimmons (or lotuses): properties, contraindications, curiosities and recipes


Persimmons are Asian fruits that come from more from China and Japan or sweet taste, they are among the oldest fruits cultivated by man and although few know it, in Italy they are also known by the name diòspero.
Rich in beneficial properties are considered a real cure for the health. Among other things, they give energy, they are friends of the intestine and are good for the heart. On average there is not a recommended daily dose but in general half a fruit a day can be considered an ideal quantity to enjoy its many properties.

Calories and nutritional values ​​
On average, 100 grams of persimmons bring about 70 calories. Considering that a fruit can even reach 200 grams, it is easy to see how it should be considered particularly caloric. Completely free of cholesterol, they are to be considered rather sugary. In addition to being particularly rich in vitamin C and other vitamins, they also contain a fair amount of potassium, magnesium and zinc. The persimmons are also rich in beta carotene.

Properties and benefits

The persimmons bring various beneficial properties. Among these, the best known are:

  • They give energy ready to spend
  • They help fight free radicals
  • They improve iron absorption
  • They are a panacea in case of anemia
  • They help to fight periods of stress
  • They strengthen the immune system
  • They have rehydrating properties for the body
  • They work well for the liver and purify it
  • They relieve the symptoms of gastritis
  • They perform an anti-inflammatory action [19659016] They relieve menstrual pain
  • They have anti-pain properties
  • They act as diuretic
  • They help regulate blood cholesterol levels
  • Thanks to the presence of fibers they are useful for improving intestinal transit
  • Always the fibers make them an excellent food to eliminate toxins
  • Applied on the skin, they help it stay more beautiful

The persimmons are very sugary fruits and therefore are d to avoid if you suffer from diabetes or if, in general, you have problems with high blood sugar. Given the many calories, even in the case of a diet, they should be consumed in moderation and always after having heard their nutritionist if someone has followed them.
If consumed unripe, they can increase constipation in those who suffer from it. For this reason, if you are pregnant, it is always better to seek the advice of your doctor before consuming them. The same is also true in case of digestive or intestinal problems or if you suffer from particular pathologies.

How to consume the persimmons and curiosities

The persimmons are so sweet and particular that eaten naturally they already represent a sweet by themselves, especially if you choose the classics with a soft consistency and whose pulp can be eaten with the help of a teaspoon. At the same time, they lend themselves to some preparations such as jam to be used for cheese or for breakfast or inside cakes where they can be placed inside the dough or in the form of cream. Their particular consistency makes them excellent also as a special ingredient for a good pudding . Even if it does not appear, these fruits also lend themselves to the preparation of savory dishes, such as risotto or cream to be used for a second sweet-sour taste. The apple persimmons can finally be grilled and inserted into salads or crunched at the end of a meal or as a snack like an apple.

Going alle curiosity

  • For the Chinese, the persimmons are known as the fruits of the tree of the seven virtues, as their tree gives shade, lives long, gives good wood, is not attacked by insects, has excellent leaves for the fertilizer, it gives space to the birds and has very beautiful leaves to look at.
  • When you happen to buy persimmons that are still too immature, just keep them with apples and pears to help them ripen.
  • In Japan, the persimmons are used for the preparation of some alcoholic beverages and to flavor certain types of sake.


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