Pink lipstick, we discover to those who are fine

Pink, a feminine shade of color that does not go well with any type of complexion. Let’s find out who is well and how to apply it perfectly.

The rose, a color that many women like, both in clothing and in makeup, but are we sure it’s a perfect nuance for all women ? No doubt not all nuances are suitable for everyone. Here to whom the pink lipstick looks good and how to apply it perfectly.

All the right combinations with pink lipstick and some advice for the beauty of lips and the perfect application of lipstick

Pink lipstick, the shades suitable for every type of woman


The rose is a very popular color especially in summer and above all in its most intense and sparkling shades. But are we sure it really goes well for every type of woman? Yes, just choose the perfect shade for each type of complexion . The pink lipstick therefore represents a ‘must have’ in the beauty of every more or less young woman, just choosing the right shade

The first factor to consider for choosing the perfect pink lipstick is the type of complexion, the color of the eyes and hair . If you have a undertone of skin tending to yellow, dark and intense hair and eyes, the warmest shades of pink, like cyclamen, fuchsia, raspberry and strawberry pink will be perfect.

If you have leather undertone tends to pink, light hair and eyes, go ahead with all shades of light pink, nude pink, antique pink and even pastel pink. Whatever pink lipstick you choose to apply, it will be important for the lips to be perfect and well hydrated, for this make one lip scrub at least twice a week and apply moisturizing treatment every day it will reveal the right choice to show off a colorful and perfect smile!


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