Girl cleaning her face

Something that all the girls we envy of the korean complexion is how smooth and beautiful her skin looks, and they were not born that way, but have taken care of her in an amazing way so she really is admirable and to some extent enviable .

We also know that not all of us are experts in these things of skin care so on this occasion we provide it a bit and leave within your reach some of the best and most recommended products so that if you wish you also look radiant and beautiful skin like theirs.

1. Cleansing and exfoliation

 Girl cleaning her face

Whether here or on the other side of the world one of the reasons why our skin is not completely healthy or From one day to the next we have new sprouts of granites, because we don’t wash our face before sleeping and besides that we don’t do a weekly exfoliation, so here are some of the best known products and where you can get them if you find yourself in Mexico:

Make P: rem cleansing gel

 Korean cleansing gel to remove and moisturize the skin

Phyto foamy cleanser- Skin79 Hyaluron

 Skin79 Phyto-Hyaluron Foamy Cleaner

Hemish Balm Heimish All Clean Balm

 Balm Cleaner Balsam in a mild oil when apply on your skin

CosRx silk fingers

 Silk buds that are placed on the fingers to exfoliate the skin

Exfoliating gel Smooth Egg Skin of Holika Holika

 Exfoliator that helps remove dead skin and cells, to regenerate them.

Holika Holika Pig-Nose blackhead cleaning balm

 Oil cleanser that helps remove blackheads from the face

2. Masks

Something that Korean girls and all those k-girls take very seriously is facial hydration, so they do the impossible to have a very complete facial routine, so after cleaning and exfoliating the p They use some kind of mask once or twice a week; this in addition to moisturizing it will make it look healthier and especially radiant.

Coconut water fiber mask from Oh K!

 Coconut water mask to hydrate and soothe the skin

Black Sugar Black Mask Mask Wash Off

 Mask that unclogs pores and aids in the removal of fat and bacteria

Dermask Shaking Rubber Luminous Shot line masks

 Variety of masks that moisturize, soothe, shine and give skin elasticity

Night mask Missha Super Aqua

 Mask made from snail slime

Mask for feet ‘Peeling Peeling’ enriched with fruits of Oh K!

 Masaca foot grid which, in addition to exfoliating them, moisturizes them

Package of mousse egg of Too Cool For School

 and lighten the skin

3. Hydration

The third essential step is to perform a good hydration of the skin, so here there are quite a few options; however, we only leave you a few.

Tomatox Magic Massage moisturizer from Tony Moly

 Antioxidant and lightening cream

Tonic AHA / BHA with lightening treatment of COSRX

 Tonic that provides a rejuvenating effect on the skin

Eye contour in White In Milk capsules of G9S kin

 Cream that rejuvenates and illuminates the eye contour

Sulwhasoo hydration kit

 Sulwhasoo hydration kit

4. Makeup

Finally, another important aspect is that the makeup for the K-beauty must be of excellent quality, so here are the best options we have been able to collect:

Prebase gel J.One Jelly Pack

 Prebase makeup based on hyaluronic acid and fullerene

Dr. Jart + makeup base

 Makeup base with SPF 45

Tony Moly’s Delight lipstick

 Tony Moly's delight lipstick

White In Creamy makeup and sunscreen base of G9Sk in

 Cushion presentation makeup base  

Gel delinead0r Tony Moly

 Delinea dor in Tonymoly gel

Etude House Wine Party shadow palette

 earth and pink shades palette


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