Premature ejaculation: last taboo for men?

It is the most common male sexual dysfunction, but also the least diagnosed. Above all because they are the ones who don’t want to talk about it: men.

There are those who are ashamed, those who do not want to talk to either the doctor or their partner and who even deny the very existence of the problem. According to recent data, only 9% of men suffering from premature ejaculation go to a doctor. It is a significant fact that demonstrates how certain dysfunctions related to the sexual sphere still remain real taboos. In order not to admit the problem and talk about it openly, most men prefer to continue to suffer, putting at risk the well-being of the couple. Why?

What is premature ejaculation?

This is a medical condition in which humans have little control over ejaculation. It is a true organic disease that leads to significant negative consequences on the personal sphere: problems with couples, anxiety, stress and depression. According to data reported by, 20-30% of men worldwide suffer from it. It is therefore the most common male sexual dysfunction, but also the least recognized and diagnosed. The reason is soon said: those who suffer from it must face not only personal distress but also a real social taboo.

Man and sex

Speaking of sexual problems is embarrassing and complicated for everyone, but especially for men. Today’s society is much more complex than it used to be, but the dominant image is still that of the winning, infallible, strong man. Every man tends to be the so-called alpha male, the pack leader, the one who protects and satisfies his woman in every way. Of course, we have evolved, but our way of behaving is not so different from that of our ancestors. The man who does not fully satisfy his own woman does not feel up to it, so he closes, does not admit the problem, prefers to avoid it, creating a first communicative and then personal and sentimental fracture with his partner.

The solution is and is to act

So how to intervene? There is only one great certainty: to talk about it without embarrassment, without shame, without useless and senseless feelings of guilt, but rather to talk about it with one’s partner and therefore to contact a doctor. Absolutely avoid do-it-yourself treatments or personal techniques to delay orgasm. The problem should not be denied: action is needed. Because the real man is not the one who pretends nothing at all before a problem: he is the one who does everything to solve it, for his and his woman’s sake.


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