Beauty requires self-care, since there is nothing that gives a better appearance of health. We treat our skin for really satisfying results

A nice tan is really good for everyone. To be really beautiful, however, it must not be exaggerated, but of a beautiful golden color, more or less intense depending on the starting complexion; the charcoal black obtained with 12 hours continuous sun exposure with liters of tanning oil is decidedly out of fashion and above all it is absolutely harmful to health.

To obtain a healthy color, which will last longer and be admired, without being ruined by skin rashes or peeling, the skin must be prepared decidedly before the actual exposure.

Start now to follow our advice, to tan yourself correctly and have assured results.

Password: exfoliate!

Away with the grayish winter pallor, with a body scrub you will find the brightness that is missing. The gesture is simple, just massage the product on the skin with delicate massages, which also reactivate the circulation, then proceed with a bath or shower to wash it all off. You can take advantage and make yourself at home an anti-cellulite scrub, so you get two benefits at once.

Tanning supplements and healthy food

To stimulate melanin production, you can start taking a specific tan supplement in the early summer. Choose only natural products, without unnecessary chemical compounds; Your trusted herbalist will surely be useful to you.
To this, also get used to eating seasonal fruits and vegetables: it is no coincidence that the garden products that are born in the summer are colorful, contain carotene and vitamin A that helps your tan in a natural way. Diet and tanning go hand in hand.

Sunscreens not only at the sea

How many of you use sunscreen as a daily moisturizer? Very few indeed. Not everyone knows that dermatologists recommend, especially to those with fair skin and after 30 years of age, to use a face cream every morning, just like a normal moisturizer.
The sun’s rays in the summer are strong and you don’t need to expose yourself to the sun voluntarily to be affected, you just need to leave the house, take a walk in the hottest hours, travel by bicycle around the city, in short, the normal activities of every day. So why not protect yourself?
With the protection you tan the same, but with the advantage that the skin is protected and prevents unpleasant redness or burns or worse sun spots that appear without warning, especially with age and sometimes to those who use the contraceptive pill.
In addition, sunscreens are also excellent makeup bases.

Tanning yourself with common sense

Our skin is delicate, avoid the obsession for tanning and gradually expose yourself to sunlight. Increase the exposure day by day, without ever exaggerating and always avoiding the hottest hours, when UVB rays are the most harmful.


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