If the morning is a race between alarm clock, shower and breakfast, the “hairstyle question” must be dealt with quickly by choosing hairstyles for long hair that are simple, fast and easy to do!

Long hair is beautiful, that’s for sure. But finding a simple and quick DIY hairstyle is not an easy task for everyone. If you are not a hairpin sorceress, you will probably not have time in the morning to study anything other than the usual loose hair but do not steal too much time.

If you are looking for simple and fast hairstyles for long hair to do in a flash, read on to find out how to “change heads” without being forced to set the alarm earlier than usual!

Simple hairstyles for long, straight hair

The simplest and fastest of long hairstyles is undoubtedly the timeless ponytail. You can make it less obvious and “homey” by simply hiding the rubber band by wrapping a lock of hair around it or by leaving two free before tying the hair and then cross it over each other, locking it on the nape with a hairpin.

If you like yourself more with your low tail, try that upside down (or reverse): tie your hair, spread it slightly above the elastic to form a sort of hole and then pass the tail in the middle. You can get the same result using the special tool: you can easily find it online with instructions for many different hairstyles to try when you want to change your look.

Another variation of the ponytail is the bubble ponytail, meaning the bubble tail. Make a tail and then, with the rubber bands, divide it into more or less equal sections. Spread the various segments you have formed with your fingers, and voila, immediately ready! If you have a lot of hair or extensions and you want to try a slightly more complex version, roll thin hair around each elastic to hide it.

Another variation of the bubble ponytail is the one with the “twisted” bubbles: you will simply have to proceed, for each section, as if you were to make a reverse ponytail. For a perfect result of this hairstyle it is essential to have straight hair, so if you are curly or wavy you will unfortunately not be able to face it without a plate.

If you prefer a crop to the ponytail, try the knots. Take two lateral locks, portal behind the head and knot it. Take two more strands, add them to the ends you just tied and tie them again. Always proceed in the same way until you reach the nape of the neck, tie the tail with a thin elastic band and fold it inwards, locking it with the hairpins.

Simple hairstyles with chignon

The undisputed king of simple hairstyles is undoubtedly the messy bun, that is the chignon disheveled by art, but there are many of them to undermine his throne, first of all the top knot, that is the high chignon. How you do it? All the hair is pulled in a very high tail at the top of the head, all the hair is rolled and stopped with the hairpins.

If you think your forehead is too high or your face too long to show off the top bun, don’t worry. Its perfect complement is the full fringe!

Can’t you decide between bun and braids? Try the braided bun! Collect the hair in a high tail, then separate a lock of hair from the rest of the hair that you will wrap on itself to form the chignon. Braid the tuft you have left free, wrap it around the base of the crop and the simplest of boho chic hairstyles is ready!

Simple hairstyles with braids

And speaking of braids, it is not essential to be a test hairdresser to show them off every day. For a simple and fast hairstyle, make a French braid only in the center of the head, almost like a crest, and then collect the rest of the hair to form a tail, perhaps wrapping a lock around the elastic to hide it and have a more aspect edited.

If you are looking for do-it-yourself hairstyles to show off even in more formal situations, you can make a classic braid but make sure to pull a lot of hair so that they are well adherent to the head, or make a braid that starts from the center of the head and ends more or less at the nape of the neck: the ponytail braid is also very suitable for formal events and seems made to enhance, with little effort, a nice neckline or a long dress.

Lovers of romantic hairstyles will be able to transform the braid into a small circle by weaving a small lock of hair that starts from one temple and ends up on the other, leaving the rest of the hair loose, or braiding the hair together with a scarf or a ribbon.

Hairstyles with gathered braids can also be very simple to do. The easiest version involves making a normal braid and then turning it upwards, stopping it well with the hairpins and leaving some free tuft for a more natural effect.

Semi-collected hairstyles for long, straight hair

… but also curly or wavy, of course! Lovers of semi-colored hairstyles will be able to show off a romantic version by twisting on them two lateral locks to then stop them with a nice hair clip or create two braids instead of twists and tie them behind the head as if they were a crown.

The hair with soft and natural waves are ideal for semi-gathered braids, which with wavy hair look great because they guarantee the right volume. Take a lock from the top and side of the head and make a half braid (or cascade braid) keeping it soft. Proceed in the same way from the other side of the head, fix the two braids with an elastic band and spray a bit of lacquer to keep the hairstyle firmly in place.

Among the semi-collected hairstyles, the half bun, the half bun that is made by gathering only a part of the hair and leaving the rest of the hair loose, and the space buns, which are its double version and go very well also for little girls because they remind us of Mickey Mouse’s ears. These two hairstyles are also perfect for those with medium length hair, provided they are not too scaled.

Hairstyles for long loose hair

High or low tails, braids, chignon … but who prefers loose hair? If you love to show off your hair in all its length, don’t worry! The hairstylisits have also thought of you. Clothespins and clasps, for example, will go a lot this summer to decorate and at the same time keep rebellious tufts and spurious locks off their faces.

Good news also for the natural curls, which with a bit of mousse will show off sexy and wild waves, and for those who instead like to curl their hair with iron that can decide to exaggerate the tubular effect of their artificial ringlets for a decidedly unusual.

Among the hair accessories that cannot be missing in the drawers of lovers of loose long hair is the convex headband: from the memories of the Nineties it has landed on the Spring / Summer 2019 runways by Laura Biagiotti and Prada.


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