Rainbow nails

Spring is just around the corner and we can not wait for the sunny days to finally return, the clothes with floral prints and new trends that we are sure we will try. In terms of nails, the winter tones -such as wine or emerald green- will gradually disappear, while the season will bring us refreshing ideas with brighter and more vivid tones.

A trend that is worth trying this 2019 is that of rainbow nails. Why choose only one color when you can have them all at the same time? This is the mantra with which you will be able to experiment with all the tones you imagine in a single manicure session. Welcome rainbow nails!

Why only one color when you can choose 5 different ones?

This is the inspiration of rainbow nails

A variety of bright colors on your fingers

Admit it: they look beautiful

Graphic designs and stamps have been left behind

What are now nails with plain colors

Choose the three primary colors

Green and purple complement each other perfect

A vibe with retro noventera inspiration

A chic touch full of color

Get spring with this style

Why choose only one tone?

When you can have them all!

Which group of combinations is your favorite?


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