From a very young age what we women have always heard is a phrase of this kind ” the mismatched underwear is not worn “ ergo should always be coordinated. Many experience the terror of being” caught “with the intimate mismatched … and we are talking about something that is usually not seen! How we put it to be is the swimsuit unmatched?
The unpaired swimsuit is a problem that only women who habitually wear bikinis face. As you certainly know, up until a few years ago it was almost impossible to find costumes with ease bathroom accessories, or different sizes so that each one chooses the right piece for himself. a, if a woman has an M for the above she may not have the same size for the down. What should you do in these cases? The answers, at the time, were either to make a custom costume or drop money to a specialized brand that makes individual pieces to coordinate.

Fortunately, today it is no longer so …

… or at least it is no longer so difficult to find pieces of different sizes. After all, it takes very little, even economically speaking, to make a new bikini. In short, the problem of sizes has long since been overcome, but when we find ourselves in front of an old costume, perhaps taken the year before, and we note that the above is good while the panty is to be thrown away (or vice versa) that we do? I don’t know about you, but personally I keep the good piece and throw away the ruined one. And then? And then, nothing strange, I go to a store that sells matching swimwear pieces and I create my new bikini! It is a very simple, easy, convenient, practical and above all economic idea! In short, I recycle the piece of the old swimsuit and, with a few euros, I have a brand new one that nobody has ever seen me last year!

 Unpaired bikini recycles bathing costume and makes an unpaired old bikini

These things, if you think about it, are also done with the garments of clothing . All the women in their closets have a jolly T-shirt that combine with different pieces: jeans, a skirt, shorts, under a jacket or under a sweater. Whenever you create a new pairing, create a new look by recycling something you have had in the closet for a long time and that, of course, has not been ruined!

 Unpaired Bikini recycles bathing costume and makes an unpaired old bikini

Ma Let’s go back to talking about the unmatched bikini. Among the jolly pieces that have now entered my beachwear drawer there are a black slip, a white band, a red triangle and a yellow one. They are all mismatched, the remains of old bikinis. As you can see, especially the first two, they are super joker pieces, evergreens to be easily combined! Last year, for example, from Calzedonia there was a beautiful, imaginative band with black hints; instead of buying all the bikini, I took only the band and I paired it with my black briefs. Furthermore, I took the new band during sales . Result? With just over 10 euros I had a brand new bikini! 😉
With the white band, instead, I created a nice tropical bikini, choosing from the collection of swimwear Yamamay a brief with multicolor tropical-floral print, with white base. The nice thing is that on this slip there is also yellow, so every tano change the mix and match the yellow triangle, and voila, I have another new costume.
Personally I buy the new piece when I want to change yes, but above all when I see something I really like. I think, just like when I buy a new shirt or pants, if you can combine it with something I already have; if the answer is yes, you’re done!

 Unpaired Bikini Recycles Bathing Suit and Makes an Unpaired Old Bikini

Go to the beach and show off your new recycled but new bikini and, please, be creative 😉


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