The tattoo of the red thread of destiny has its roots in China, and has a very fascinating history. Find out in this article.

Among the many tattoos that can be admired or that are chosen during the elaboration in the tattoo studio, there is a very special one, not so much for its realization technique, but for the fascinating story behind it.

Let’s talk about the tattoo of the red thread of destiny, a tattoo that can often be seen in certain parts of the body such as the little finger of the hand, the ankle or the wrist.
The story that lies at the origin of this particular tattoo is really beautiful and fascinating and has all the contours of the legend.

It is indeed a Japanese tradition, taken in turn by a Chinese legend that speaks of love. According to this legend, every person is born predestined to meet his soul mate sooner or later. To sanction this predestination is the red thread of destiny that, from birth, binds each lover destined to meet sooner or later in an invisible and indissoluble way.

The red thread of destiny, at birth, is linked to the little finger – even if in the original Chinese version it binds the predestined through the ankles – and it is so long that it does not follow a linear path, indeed: during the life of each one this thread can tangling up several times, forming knots and bringing the predestined to make other experiences first to meet and recognize each other.

However, according to legend, predestined lovers will have to untangle the various knots, thus strengthening their bond waiting to crown their great and indestructible love.

Red thread tattoo on the wrist

Here then is the tattoo of the red thread of destiny symbolizing the will, on the part of those who choose it, to embrace a tradition that has distant origins – as happens also with tattoos inspired by Polynesian art – but which symbolizes the desire to believe in the love and the idea of ​​being predestined to meet one’s soul mate.

Many people, however, decide to have this tattoo performed not only waiting to meet the right person as a symbol of good luck, but also to carry it out with their loved one once they have met, as a symbol of the strength of their bond.

But the idea of ​​having this tattoo done by mum and daughter is also very romantic.
The tattoo of the red thread of destiny thus becomes a symbol of love even among people who decide to share their life forever, perhaps to be realized shortly before marriage or at a symbolically important moment in their life as a couple.

Often the tattoo of the red thread made on the wrist means precisely this: the willingness to hold hands forever sharing an indissoluble feeling.

Red thread tattoo on the ankle

Many other people, however, decide to follow the tradition of tattooing the red thread of destiny to the letter, choosing to have it tattooed directly on the ankle, as the original Chinese tradition wants (it is one of the most painful parts, however) or by choosing the seat of tradition Japanese, or the little finger of the hand.

Here then is that if you happen to see a person with a tattoo of the red thread of destiny tattooed on the little finger, or you intend to have it done on yourself, you will immediately know which fascinating legend to associate this romantic tattoo with.


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