The bamboo massage is practiced with bamboo extract oil and heated bamboo canes. It serves to decontract, firm and energize to regain total body well-being. Here are all the benefits of this treatment

Bamboo massage is a practice that has oriental origins in China and Japan. The bamboo plant was considered as a source of health and youth and a real anti-stress.

Bamboo is a plant whose wood has excellent beneficial properties that give tissue elasticity. The main components are potassium and silicon and have a toning and draining effect. From the maceration of the bamboo leaves a very nourishing oil is obtained for the skin making it toned and elastic. Today it is used very often in beauty salons both for massages and as a daily beauty treatment.

Bamboo massage: the beneficial effects

The massaging movement of bamboo canes stimulates the tissues in depth and helps improve circulation problems by eliminating excess toxins. The pressure of the pipes in depth on the legs puts in circulation a greater quantity of oxygen. For this reason, this type of massage is chosen by women mainly to combat cellulite and skin blemishes.

And not only: the bamboo massage is very useful for those who practice sport, both men and women, to decontract the muscles following an intense workout just like a sports massage.

Bamboo face massage, bamboo back massage and relaxing back massage. Let’s see how it works.

Styles of bamboo massage

The massage can be performed in two ways: keeping the clothes or without. In the second case the whole body is sprinkled with bamboo oil to simplify the movement of the canes. Bamboo oil has above all a firming and energizing effect. In both cases the massage is performed in a supine position.

The size of the barrels and the pressure exerted vary according to the point of the body in which the massage is performed and according to the physicality of the person.

How is the bamboo massage performed?

The bamboo canes are purified and polished, and they are also heated. A real ritual is performed before starting. Two rods are beaten together and are slid along the whole body at a distance of a few centimeters. Thanks to the vibration and the displacement of the air, a particular sound is emitted which reactivates the energies, almost as if it were a hypnotic call to start the session.

The massage consists of rolling the canes on the body energetically with continuous movements with small pauses and following a precise rhythm. Deep pressures alternate with more delicate pressures with a real pulse, typical of the more well-known acupressure.

The total duration is 1 hour and to complete the message the initial position is maintained remaining for about 10 minutes in silence in complete relaxation. With a cycle of 10 sessions of bamboo massage, excellent results are achieved.


There are no contraindications for this type of massage. It is not recommended in case of pregnancy and in the presence of numerous varicose veins.


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