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It is to nature that our ancestors often trusted to find remedies for their ailments and sexuality has not escaped this practice! Believe in their great experience and discover their natural recipes to increase libido and improve erection.

In this article you will find natural recipes to increase libido in women natural recipes for erectile dysfunction and natural recipes for increasing the sexual energy of both partners.

Grandma’s remedies for solving all sexual problems

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To cure sexual disorders there are natural remedies and dietary advice that have been passed down from generation to generation throughout history. From the Jewish doctor and philosopher Moïse Maimonides in the 12th century, to Don Juan Giacomo Casanova in the 18th century, through the Indian Kâma Sutra written in the 7th century to conclude with our grandmothers, all evoke the virtues of certain foods and products on desire, erection, libido, etc. Every problem has its solution and although many of these people have never met, almost all of them mention the same things! Coincidences?

Natural recipes to increase libido in women

Natural stimulant, ginseng acts on the physical state. It immediately increases the energy in the body and generates a good tone. Guaranteed doping effect. Dosage: 2 g / day for 3 weeks / 1 month.

  • A small alcoholic cocktail

It seems that some alcohol helps to overcome a drop in libido. Since it inhibits and slightly increases the testosterone level, it makes it easier to let go, even to cause a spike in excitement. Dosage: drink a small glass in case of blockages. Note: beyond a certain threshold, alcohol has the opposite effect. It can cause inability to enjoy, erectile disorders, sensory disturbances (we are less sensitive), not to mention the memorable blackouts (we remember nothing).

Natural recipes for erectile dysfunction

  • A potion with dried fruit and walnuts

Crush dry dates, pistachios, walnuts, almonds and flax seeds until a fine powder is obtained. Then mix with water. Dosage: consume daily, it resolves the dysfunction regularly.

Don’t put too much salt on your dishes if you want to be superb in bed! This is especially true for gentlemen. Hypertension causes sexual problems because hypertension obstructs the arteries (atherosclerosis). Blood circulation is therefore reduced and consequently an erection is more difficult. By limiting the consumption of salt, fats and sugars, you will avoid hypertension and therefore promote the proper functioning of your sexual organs! Dosage: as often as possible.

Natural recipes to increase the sexual energy of both partners

Renowned for its vasodilatory properties, ginger allows for better irrigation of blood in the penis or vagina. Put 50 g of ginger in a bottle of water and leave it to infuse for at least 5 hours. Dosage: 2 glasses / day for 2 weeks / 1 month. You will appreciate the result.

Known to calm anxiety, relax and soothe, hops wake up your libido. In fact, once the stress is reduced, the desire will certainly appear! Dosage: there are some in beer, but grandmothers recommend consuming it in the form of herbal tea.

At this point there is nothing more to add than “thank you grandmothers”!

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