10 minutes: the right time for sex?

A few minutes to be sexually satisfied: is it really so? Can the timing of a satisfying sexual relationship be calculated?

According to an American survey, the perfect ratio does not exceed 13 minutes, excluding foreplay: it seems that after this time the attention threshold falls and the brain begins to think of something else. Research aside, how long should a relationship last? This is the fateful question that many men and women turn to when they are in my studio.

Each pair is different

Actually the right time should be decided by the couple based on the time needed by both partners to be satisfied. Making love doesn’t have to be a race, but a moment of fusion between two bodies, where more than time it’s important what to do and not to do.

According to Coelho, in his book 11 minutes, this was supposed to be the right time to reach pleasure, but each person and couple has their own rhythms and ways to tease the passion.

The quickie?

An investigation rejects the amorous marathons and rehabilitates the so-called “quickie”, a symbol of modest performance so far. The quality of love is not measured by the chronometer and the unrealistic idea of ​​an entire night of sex must also be reduced.
All the experts in the field, however, agree that good sexual understanding influences appetite, sleep, hydration and strengthens union and complicity is achieved by taking into account the “respective” times. For this reason there are men who, in order not to reach the climax too soon, think of their mother-in-law or heads of office, and women who pretend orgasm in order not to displease their partner.
In order to travel on the same wavelength there are some small tricks: the woman usually warms up slowly while the man turns on immediately and during sex it is necessary to talk, stimulate the areas of the body and take the initiative.

The right frequency

In the times of love we must also take into account the age of individuals and how much we are together. In the first phase of falling in love it is easy for sexuality to be in the foreground and there are also more relationships per day. With the advance of time, sex, on the other hand, is no longer primary, but we dedicate ourselves to something else, children, family, etc.

To know

It is important then that people keep these simple things in mind:

  • foreplay does not necessarily begin in bed, courtship improves sexual intercourse especially in long-term couples
  • haste is a bad counselor and before getting to the point the body has endless points worth pausing for
  • it is wrong to think only of penetration: there are many points in the body that are worth discovering
  • we must not consider sexuality as a competition with records to overcome; everyone has their own times, but the best thing would be to get the woman to orgasm first
  • every sexual relationship is different, there are situations in which the “quickie” is exciting and necessary, but other times when the relationship can be prolonged. It depends on the couple, the situation, the fantasy: the important thing is to be satisfied in two.


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