Performity and assertiveness are fundamental for a good understanding, the first is to realize one’s needs, the second to express them with clarity and calmness, rather than with ambiguous messages. If something of your partner has bothered you or made you feel bad, tell him, because he has not always done it voluntarily.
Emotions, if expressed badly, can become incandescent and burn, moreover when discussing in anger it is easy to lose control and words leave their mark, they say terrible phrases that are not even thought, but can tear the relationship is much better, in instead, after a quarrel, let things decant, avoiding to feed resentment and annoyance. Almost all women have the bad habit of wanting to fix everything right away, while men need time to manage emotions.

Irony and cheerfulness create a relaxed atmosphere in which you leave space to the game, fundamental in the relationship of couple. The happiest couples are the ones who have a sense of humor. Ironing up after a fight, helps make peace and stop conflicts. But be careful, the border between joke and sarcasm is really thin, it takes sensitivity.

Pamper yourself to find yourself
After getting rid of anger, a great way to soften the atmosphere and find harmony is to make love, pamper yourself and kiss each other. But also doing something together like cooking or walking, because physical fatigue removes negative emotions and makes them more available for reconciliation.

Rules for resolving disputes

  1. Don’t insult yourself, because you only increase conflict
  2. Criticize behavior and not the character of the person
  3. Do not involve other people in disputes
  4. If you are angry, take time
  5. Do not stop while talking
  6. Do not raise your voice
  7. Do not go to sleep without having clarified
  8. If you have injured your partner apologize


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