Safety contraceptive pill

 Safety contraceptive pill
In fact it is important to know that:
The risk of side effects from pill depends very much on one’s basic risk, on age, on smoking and on familiarity with cardiovascular diseases,

  • The risk is very low if you are under 35, if you do not smoke, if you are thin, and there are neither heart problems nor circulation problems; another important aspect is that there is no close relative with a previous heart attack or stroke
  • The risk is low if, after the age of 35, one does not smoke, one is slightly overweight, during pregnancy it was once gestational diabetes is detected, cholesterol is slightly high or there are asymptomatic gall bladder stones, and / or there has been a first degree relative with thrombosis or heart attack after age 50.
  • The risk is high and the pill it is contraindicated if, after the age of 35 you smoke, you are slightly hypertensive, cholesterol is high, you suffer from recurrent migraine without aura, there was a breast tumor and / or there was a relative of I degree with a thrombosis or heart attack before the age of 50,
  • The risk is very high and the pill is absolutely contraindicated if, over 35 years of age, if you suffer from diabetes, migraine, hypertension, if you are in marked overweight , And also if thrombosis, congenital thrombophilia, and the existence of severe liver and / or cancer problems have been found

 Contraceptive pill side effects
More severe side effects

Coming to consider more side effects serious from pill, we can say that these are:

  • thromboses (blood coagulation inside the blood vessels with blockage of the circulation);
  • cardiac and cerebral ischemia (as a consequence of the thrombosis the blood does not reach the suffering tissues and sometimes they are damaged as it happens in the heart attack) in any case they are very rare events, less than 1 in 1000, especially if you are in the low-risk category.

Positive aspects of the pill
With regards to the positive aspects we can say that the pill protects against some serious diseases such as ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer, and it was found that the pill increases by very little risk of breast cancer and cervical cancer

To find out if you are at risk of side effects from pill it is very important to consult your family doctor or gynecologist who will take an accurate medical history. family and personal and in the event that membership in the high risk category is found, will decide not to prescribe the pill, or to perform specific in-depth examinations.



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