The sea and the beach is the ideal vacation, the dream after a year of work or study, but for someone the contact with the sand can generate some difficulties. Especially people with sensitive skin can suffer from sand irritation. We are talking about redness, an itching sensation and sometimes even a burning sensation due to the contact with the grains which, perhaps very hot or because a rubbing is generated, can be annoying. If we are in a situation that does not involve pathologies to be treated with the help of an expert doctor, but of simple irritation, if we do not want to give up being on the beach and enjoy the summer, we recommend using some care and some natural remedy.

How to prevent

If you have to choose between a beach with pebbles and pebbles and one of sand, better the first, as it is in many areas of Liguria or in other areas of Italy. If instead you have chosen a location with only sand here are other tips.
The first thing to do is to limit temporal contact or restrict it with those particularly resistant areas that do not suffer from this situation like the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands. Equip yourself with slippers to walk on the beach, the sand also touches other areas besides the plant and the more it is defended the better.
Favorite of wraparound costumes, perhaps a high-style 50s panty, so the thong on the beach is now out of fashion, or a one-piece swimsuit that still covers the B side which is often subject to contact reaction and rubbing.
Never lie on the sand directly, but always use a towel, a towel, a pareo and try to clean the beds, deckchairs and chairs well if you have nothing to lean on.
Take a shower with fresh water often, all sand residues are eliminated and the effect of saltiness after bathing is avoided to further irritate the skin.

Natural remedies

If, however, despite all the precautions a little redness has appeared, it is better to use natural remedies, very simple, often traditional but always effective.
You can make simple chamomile wraps, even those bought at the supermarket can go well, but the more natural the better. Just prepare the chamomile infusion, wait for it to cool and with gauze (or a cotton cloth), make a compress on the affected area.
You can also use a calendula-based cream, which decongests and also helps in case of burning by going to burn the part. Equally effective, maybe you can even put the product in the refrigerator before use, the aloe vera gel, which refreshes and helps to reduce discomfort.
Perfect also the essential oil of jojoba if you have it available, thanks to the contained vitamins it has a great ability to regenerate the collagen, that particular “fiber” that helps to maintain the compactness of the skin and helps its tone and defense against aggression exterior.

If the problem persists and degenerates into something more than a temporary and temporary phenomenon, it is advisable to immediately consult a doctor for a more detailed investigation of the problem with specialist examinations and visits.


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