Scalp massage

Scalp massage is really fundamental, as it promotes relaxation, but let’s find out the benefits and how to perform it.

The massage to the scalp is very important for our health, but it is not a common habit to do it.

Contrary to what is imagined, massage helps to revitalize hair and stimulate blood circulation, at the level of the areas most subject to hair loss, like the temples and the top of the head.

It only takes a few minutes, you do it before shampooing in this way your skin will be more elastic and will prevent the skin to become “hard”.

We give you some more information on the benefits of scalp massage to be performed at home in no time.

Scalp massage: benefits

 More hydrated hair

The benefits of scalp massage will be noticed only after a few weeks, therefore it is recommended to perform it regularly. Here are the benefits of massage:

  • hair regrowth : if you want real healthy and stronger hair, this is the best technique. Perform the massage with castor oil or coconut oil ;
  • helps to relax the mind : the massage removes stress, ensuring well-being and relaxation. Thanks to the massage in the upper area of ​​the head, it promotes relaxation, while stimulating the areas behind the ears, helps to release tension. In this case, olive oil is the most suitable, as it nourishes the scalp and relieves irritation. People suffering from seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff, can always perform the massage before shampooing, to keep the skin cleaner and relieve the discomfort;
  • hydrates the hair : it is suitable for people who have irritated scalp the important thing is to do it in a gentle way, without scratching with the nails, especially if you feel the itch.

Massage: how to do it and how many times

Scalp massage must be performed on dry hair but first to do the shampoo, because after the hair they are more humid and fragile.

Follow all the tips for an effective massage:

  • place the fingertips of both hands on the upper part of the head;
  • do lightly press with all fingers, making circulatory movements from the forehead to the nape;
  • then gently press with the palm of the hands to the right and left of the head, perform the same movement back and forth;
  • perform light movements with the back of the fingers on the temples, slightly moving the scalp. Remember that movements must always be delicate;
  • run your fingers through your hair with light pressure, about 20, it will take about 3 minutes.

In many cases you will also feel a pleasant sense of relaxation and particular well-being on the whole skin.

Scalp massage is preferable to perform it 3-4 times a week, with a duration of at least 5 minutes.

Also remember well of massage on dry hair but not after shampooing, but always before. Avoid doing it when you are losing a lot of hair, you can always ask your dermatologist for advice.

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