Why do we seduce? man and woman in comparison

The seduction of man and woman: the virility of the male and the sensuality of the woman, why do we seduce?

We often wonder what seduction and is all about because we seduce just that person rather than another e, because we use some ad hoc “phrases” to seduce a man or a woman ?. Perhaps because, in seduction, vulgar expressions are not and cannot be used. But what is the reason? Both the male and the woman, to seduce, to be desired and to leave in the other a lasting impression, dress elegantly, speak in a gentle, pleasant, brilliant, suasivo way.

The woman as soon as she can, uses to wear clothes that show and enhance her body, highlighting what she considers the parts more beautiful and more sexy. And the man is formal, unexceptionable. But, neither one nor the other, given so much self-control, one would say that they can throw themselves on each other by tearing off their clothes. But let’s try to give a specific meaning to the word seduction and how this is experienced by man and woman. Two opposing worlds that share one goal, pleasure.

The seduction of man and woman: sex or love?

 different ways of seducing, man woman, why do we seduce?

seduction arises from a barrier, creates a barrier and invites you to break it, but with discretion, with small hints. It cannot aim only at sex. Seduction is addressed to the whole person. The woman wishes to be admired for her dress, for her value, for her taste, for herself and for her beauty. The great seducer, man, responds to this desire of his. In each she can see something extraordinary, unique and communicate it to her in the best way. The man, therefore, always shows himself strong, self-confident but, at the same time, vibrant, delicate and very sweet. His word is reassuring, seductive, hypnotic. As she speaks she begins to caress the woman naturally, and she wants him to continue, and she feels an irrepressible, irresistible desire to let herself go in his arms. Become a “prey”, and yield to the predator.

This happens until the moment in which a switch clicks and the woman opens up to the word sexual, consequently, she gives up her body sexually. It is the moment in which the man, the great conqueror, says with hypnotic words, what he is doing, describing deeds and deeds in a low and seductive way. Coome in a spell, the woman cannot and no longer wants to say no. The great predator, the man can, at this point, also stage the abrupt falling in love that turns him from a strong, brutal male into a gentle, trembling lover who could not live without the his beloved.

But that of the seducer is only a staging because, behind its fragility, the trembling of love, the strength and the lucidity of the animal of prey that wants to reach the goal remain intact. The true lover on the other hand, is afraid, stammers and women, especially the young ones, can refuse the man who is really in love because they consider him shy and, instead, they allow themselves to the sure one who knows how to pretend well.

But, after a more detailed analysis, we can note two different types of seducers:

  • the first type is made up of those that only involve sexual conquest. They fascinate with their appearance, with enchanted words that know how to evoke the desire of women to the point of agitation, so women immediately grant them. But after the sexual encounter, their passion and their hypnotic capacity suddenly ceases, as a result, the spell disappears and the woman is disappointed. He is happy with the experience he has had but feels that it is all over.
  • the second type of seducers are those who not only have a very high erotic charge but, deeply love women. When they make love their desire does not go out, on the contrary, it multiplies. their words and their gestures make the woman feel loved, adored. Thus they produce a spell that does not go out, but rather lasts over time. They are never satisfied with a single encounter and always create a profound sexual and spiritual intimacy. They, however, are much more dangerous than the first, since they can take heart.

The great seductress, the woman unlike the male, makes man feel important, desirable, unique. But not only, in addition, it stimulates him with clothing, gestures and the subtle game of uncovering and covering oneself. Since male eroticism is visual, not communicational like in women, it therefore evokes images. The great seductress knows that men are competitive, therefore she shows herself in the midst of other men who desire her and with skill, then turns to him with complicit eyes.

At woman who seduces no need to stage a great love affair because man is less sensitive than she to passion: indeed, sometimes he he’s afraid. Therefore, admiration, adoration and praise of his amatory qualities are enough.

Why do we seduce?

 man-woman seduction

The male often seduces to have a sexual relationship that he likes and considers a conquest. He feels like a hunter who, with skill, manages to grab a prey and, the more he fills his “list”, the more he is proud of his success.

While, women do not keep an accounting of this kind for two reasons:

  1. the first reason is because for them the quality of the amorous-erotic relationship is worth much more than the number;
  2. The second reason is because they tend to forget all the unpleasant or meaningless experiences and pure sex, for them it means little (almost always).

But there are also women who behave in the same way as men but, as soon as they can, they collect sports champions, movie or television stars, important men and rich or simply beautiful. They are not satisfied with the simple number, as happens in men. Furthermore, female seduction usually has other purposes. First of all, the woman wants to be admired and leave an indelible impression in the other. Deeply arouse love and be told “I love you”.

The male on the other hand, wishes to be appreciated for his sexual abilities. The question we have been told, at least once in a lifetime, was “Did you like it?”. This question that many men actually ask means: “Did you like it more than with the other one?” But woe if the woman answers the truth, then, if it evokes other males. The only thing the woman can say is that he is absolutely unique, the best compared to the other men he has had. Usually the woman does not compare her sexual virtuosity with those of other women. But, of course, there are exceptions.

In other cases, the pleasure of striking, fascinating man is also used for other advantages. For example, in the entertainment world, around the film executives, or important, television and theatrical directors, there are always young women who aspire to success and, to have it, they know that the support of one of them is needed. Therefore, they present themselves in the most seductive way to have, in exchange for their sex, the place they want. but this offer is not always seen as a price to be paid by the man in question. Indeed, it is sometimes seen as a conquest, a victory, and nothing more.


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