Resuming sexual life after the arrival of the baby is a task to restore life as a couple.

After the birth, you will surely be anxious to take care of your baby; recover from the intervention, be it a cesarean section or a normal delivery; sleep or rest, but without fear of making mistakes, at least in what you will be thinking about an intimate night with your partner.

However, your partner, today the father of a family, despite the new and great title, you can be willing to be with you, share your privacy and feel that your world of two will not be affected by the new member who has arrived at home.

To understand the importance of the arrival of a child at home and to successfully develop the new stage that, as a family begin, it is important that you make your baby’s father feel that he will not be displaced by him, and that it is still important for you. For your part, your partner must understand the new role that both will assume and understand that the child needs attention and time, so it has to help you to have moments to share together.

Step by step and with love

It goes without saying that, unless it is a high-risk pregnancy and the doctor recommends it, sexual relations during this stage of pregnancy are beneficial and not harmful, as many may think. The baby is not harmed, because it is sufficiently protected inside the mother’s body, on the contrary, her senses clearly perceive the affection between her parents, which translates into affection for him.

Later, during the first 40 days after childbirth it is not so easy for mom to resume sexual life. However, after the stage known as puerperium or postpartum, there should be no excuses for the couple to seek, again, the approaches to reestablish the sexual life they had before the birth of the baby.

How to restart encounters

According to sex therapists and couple therapists, he assures that the role of man is fundamental. He must have patience, intelligence and a lot of love so that the woman is the one who asks for the resumption of sexual life and does not become an imposition or an annoyance of him towards her.

Experts indicate that, although it is believed that in those 40 days after childbirth the woman is untouchable, because it is like a slab that if touched is broken, this is not the case, on the contrary, the mother needs the closeness of her Husband, because when she gives birth and then looks in the mirror she looks fat, limp, with sagging breasts, looks undesirable and sensual and if the husband contributes with that bad image and the days go by, she will still feel unwanted.

Man must be very intelligent, he must be a father, but he must not neglect her, because at that moment he needs consent and pampering, he should never leave flattery. She will then think that, about the fact of the baby, he continues to see her attractive and sensual and it is very possible that in less than three weeks, she will start to feel again sensual and erotic.

Keys to return to sexuality

The woman can not forget that besides being a mother, she is equally lover. Here, man must be intelligent: patient, affectionate and cautious to encourage that return to sexual life: the specialist suggests that first look for caresses: passionate kisses and hugs are key. The man can not stop flattering the woman and see her as a woman, not pigeonhole her in the role of ‘antierotic mother’.

Well, but the work is not only your partner, you have to pay attention to your personal care. Postpartum is one of the stages in which the mother can lose weight quickly if she is lactating, exercising and eating properly. The communication between the two is essential and much more if you involve him in your routines and work to improve your status and return to the same as always.

They must exchange impressions, as well as express tastes and needs. Although breastfeeding confers protection against the possibility of a new pregnancy, it is better to be safe and visit the gynecologist to formulate appropriate contraceptives. This will make you feel better if you see your husband involved in the process, both in his new role as father, and in the reactivation of sexual life.


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