A lively and pleasant sexuality gives enormous benefits, let’s take advantage of it!

Carrying out a healthy and regular sexual activity produces numerous benefits for physical and mental health.

According to experts, there would be at least three reports a week to have miraculous effects on the body. According to some studies, making love regularly makes you look younger than 7 years. Obviously to be beneficial the sex must be done without forcing, otherwise stress and disappointment can be lurking.

What are the benefits of sex?

Hunger attacks diminish

We often attach ourselves to food to satisfy our need for happiness; Well, sex has the same effect as chocolate because it satisfies a desire, but at the same time it burns calories and cancels the feeling of appetite.

Immune defenses increase

Having sex regularly increases immunoglobulins by 30%, which are the antibodies that stimulate the immune system. As a result, influences and colds stay away!

Improves sleep

Sexual activity increases oxytocin which has relaxing effects and sleeping pills; kisses and caresses, instead lower the level of nervous tension, which is why after sex it lands gently in the arms of Morpheus.

More oxygen to the heart

Making love significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases because sex is an aerobic activity, during which muscles make repeated movements, the heart beats faster and the breath is faster and deeper. It therefore improves oxygenation and consequently blood pressure also normalizes.

Decreased prostate cancer

Scientific studies confirm that increased sperm production helps cleanse the blood of substances that promote prostate cancer; moreover, the contractions of the pelvic floor muscles strengthen and tone the male and female genital muscles, reducing the phenomena of incontinence.

Regularizes the menstrual cycle

Constant sexual activity causes a greater regularity and more predictable periodicity of the menstrual cycle in women. Furthermore, an assiduous frequency in sex is also good for menopausal women, because it reduces temperature changes and helps improve circulation.

Better mood and self-esteem

Having satisfying sexual intercourse allows the release of endorphins which positively affect the mood. Furthermore, shared sex makes the partner feel more desired, pushing the person to pay more attention and care to the body in view of the erotic encounter. So the implications on self-esteem are remarkable!

Back improvement

The rhythmic movement of the sexual act brings benefit to the back because the muscles of the spine become more elastic. The orgasmic contractions then act like a massage, so the tensions and stiffenings become loose. The consequence is a more flexible column and a more correct posture.

Burn calories

Regular sexual activity is almost like going to the gym: sex helps burn calories!


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