In the era of female emancipation and the sexual revolution, however, there are still many things that scare a woman in bed. These are often normal fears, although difficult to overcome once and for all

Working with women of all ages, young and old, accompanied or single, I realized that when it comes to having sex, many of them still face some small or big fear.

Here are the main ones, and how to try to overcome them.

Afraid to look naked

Not only those who have a few extra pounds and a little cellulite, but even women with few imperfections often feel imperfect and make a fuss about it; just by thinking and imagining themselves naked they embarrass themselves and feel uncomfortable. The effect is that when they make love they can’t let go, fixing on the effect our bodies make in the eyes of the other.

What to do

The body of a young woman is still in a phase of change, so sometimes it is hard to accept it, but the fear of its own defects is always lurking even in the most mature women. Yet the answer is simple and is next to us next to us, in the man we have chosen beside us: and if instead of looking at ourselves in a real mirror, which only makes us uncomfortable, we reflected ourselves in the eyes of our man? We learn to reflect ourselves in the reactions of those who love us, we observe his excitement, his desire in front of us and, if we are really ashamed for the little bit of bacon, we choose the missionary position, which allows only visual contact, while the rest of the body can only be seen through skin contact, leaving no room for embarrassment.

Fear of not having an orgasm

Another very typical fear of women is not to experience orgasm, especially at the beginning of a new relationship or after a period in which the desire has disappeared.

What to do

First of all, let’s be calm, it happens to all women to go through a phase of life in which anxiety takes the place of pleasure. The problem is that the more we think about it, the more the prophecy comes true. How can we free ourselves from performance anxiety? Let’s try sex planning, so we won’t risk making love with tired or counted minutes. Then let us prepare ourselves for the love encounter in a creative way, urging our fantasies to solicit the excitement that will come. Finally letting go, breathing slow.

Fear of some sexual fantasies

Many women are afraid of some of their erotic fantasies that have as protagonists unknown men or images that they consider scabrous.

What to do

The beauty of fantasies is that they do not offend anyone, much less hurt; it is not a question of betraying the partner really, nor of seriously wishing for a different sex. If, however, knowing all this is not enough to prevail over the sense of guilt, then let’s try a simple exercise: we put the fantasy that scares us black and white, close it in a drawer and reread it a few days later. We bet that it will appear for what it is and that is something perhaps a little “dirty”, but inoffensive?


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