Pain during intercourse can be caused by physical or psychological factors. Once the cause has been identified and treated, all that remains is to find the most pleasant positions to get along with your partner under the sheets.

I sexual relations should never hurt. However, the painful relationship is a fairly common problem. Pain may be persistent or recurrent in the genital area, which occurs before, during or after penetration. According to the website of Health painful relationships affect between 8% and 20% of women and can be caused by a number of factors ranging from physical problems, such as infection or endometriosis, to problems psychological

A medical examination is essential to understand the origin of pain and to find the best solution. Unless the pain worsens over time or is of emotional origin, it is not necessary to refrain from having relationships. The goal is to find positions that do not cause discomfort and that can bring pleasure. Listen to your body and try these different options.

Couple: the best positions in case of pain

The woman above

It doesn’t matter if the partner is lying on the bed or on the floor or sitting on a chair, all that matters is that the woman is above. This type of position controls the pace and depth of penetration. This is particularly useful if the pain is caused by deep penetration. A different version can help you discover new sensations: ask your partner to lie down and bend your knees while keeping your feet flat. Stand on him, turning your back to him, resting on his thighs.

The spoon

This is the laziest sexual position, but the side report helps alleviate many pains. The buttock acts as a cushion and the position allows the woman to control the depth by raising or lowering the leg, as well as the rhythm of the relationship.

Oral reports

Do not underestimate the power of the fingers or a tongue . If the penetration is too painful, the erotic practice of mutual stimulation and / or oral sex remain a valid option. Consider a session of 69 or ask your partner to take care of you to enjoy these unique sensations.

The clitoris

Encourage positions that facilitate contact and clitoral friction, for make the relationship more enjoyable. Vaginal penetration when the woman lies on her stomach, for example, allows manual stimulation of the clitoris.


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