Lipstick is part of the make-up that no woman can give up. Let’s find out which nuances are best suited to brown women

The lipstick is an important detail that many women can’t give up, because the color of their lips is a very important part important to make up. The important thing is to choose the right shade according to the hair color, so as to enhance the facial features.

With a simple and delicate make-up, it is enough to give a decisive touch to the lips, making the face brighter and more sensual. Brown women can afford different shades of lipstick from lighter to darker ones, we discover the most suitable lipstick nuances.

The most suitable colors

 Coral lipstick, which type of woman looks good

Let’s find out what are the colors of the most suitable lipsticks for brunette women here is the list:

  • rose Indian: is a very particular color that gives a touch of sensuality. It is a very bright pink color that approaches magenta.
  • orange lipstick : it is a very particular nuance that not all adore, but is prefect for blackberries. For women who have a more amber complexion, the brighter orange colors that tend to be red are preferred, if the complexion is less amber the colors of lipstick that tend to pink are preferable. If you are tanned you can add an extra touch with a glossy finish
  • purple lipstick : this year’s trend is the very dark colors like purple. Many women do not prefer them, so in this case opt for a different choice, such as pure purple, which is a very cold color. If you don’t want to give up on the trend, even if the purple “scares you” try the bright and shiny fuchsia-violet lipstick. The purple is a very bright color that draws all the attention to the lips, so you can combine a silver eyeshadow and a black pencil, without marking the eyes too much.
  • brown golden: is indicated for women with the warm complexions are perfect those with golden or bronzed reflections.


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