Women with blonde hair are always looking for a perfect lipstick. We discover the most suitable shades to enhance all make-up

The lipstick is a detail that completes the face makeup of many women, some manage to give up, others not me. The lipstick highlights the lips, making the face brighter. It is important to focus on the choice of nuances based on the color of the hair in addition to the complexion.

Blond women can afford different shades of lipstick from pink to brown, we discover the most suitable shades of lipstick to apply to show off a make- up perfect

The lipstick for blondes

pink lipstick is a shade that is good for many women, especially blondes, it is a very popular color especially in summer. It is suitable for young women and more mature ones, just choose the right shade.

Women with golden-blond hair are indicated a slightly warmer pink, if their hair is blond platinum or ash it is advisable to use a dark pink like mauve color.

Pink-peach shades are perfect for blondes, just complete the make-up with a blush of the same shade. The pink “baby” is suitable for blonde women who have light cocci like green or blue and with a very light complexion and pink undertone.


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