Sinusitis is an annoying condition that affects several people, we find out what are the causes and natural remedies to fight it

A sudden sneeze, frequent cold are seasonal ailments or sinusitis? Between sinusitis and colds there is a noticeable difference, because usually the cold goes away after a few days, and is associated with headache, sore throat, sneezing and hoarseness, symptoms other than sinusitis.

inflammation of the paranasal “sinuses”, are cavities located in the thickness of the bones of the face that surround the eyes, nose and cheeks.
These cavities communicate with the nose through openings called “ostia”, when the cavities become inflamed, the ostium becomes obstructed, various symptoms appear.

We discover the causes of sinusitis, the symptoms and natural remedies to combat it.

Sinusitis: the symptoms

In case of sinusitis you try pain in the entire frontal area of ​​the face, often also in the jaw, the nose becomes blocked, one perceives a sense of oppression in the eyes. Sometimes the headache is unbearable and the pain starts at the root of the nose. It is very frequent and widespread in many people, it is distinguished in:

  • acute sinusitis: which causes pain and swelling in correspondence of the frontal and maxillary sinuses. The pain is very often located in correspondence of the supraciliary arches or of the cheekbones. Sometimes the pain may be accompanied by headache, fever and the release of very dense secretions from the nose
  • chronic sinusitis: is manifested by obstruction, congestion and nasal drip.


sinusitis can have different causes, the most common being:

  • bacterial-type infections;
  • viral-type infections: as a cold or flu;
  • allergy;
  • fungal infections;

In the event of deviation of the nasal septum or a malfunctioning of the immune system, the probability of suffering from sinusitis increases.

How to diagnose it

When the above mentioned symptoms occur, you should consult your doctor, who will advise us of a specialist visit from otorhinolaryngologist, who will have us perform a clinical examination.

The first exam is rhinoscopy, which will allow us to analyze the state of the paradoxical sinus hosts through a fiber optic endoscope . In special cases the doctor may request a CT scan to refute any possible doubt.

Natural remedies to cure it

It is advisable if you suffer from sinusitis remedy with natural cures, always ask your doctor before starting. Sinusitis is an annoying condition and affects every season, not just in winter. Fortunately, however, there are many grandmother’s remedies to combat it, we find out what they are.

1. Nasal lavages

This is a real washing nasal, is performed with water and sea salt which is blown into the nostrils with a syringe without needle. Alternatively you can use the nasal washing tool called lotache, you can buy in the pharmacy.

Washing can also be done with baking soda, just put a teaspoon of salt and bicarbonate in 30 ml of water, washing is performed. The bicarbonate carries out an antiseptic and soothing action.

2. Herbal teas

Herbal teas are ideal for combating sinusitis, there are natural extracts that quickly and effectively fight nasal sinus inflammation . One of the best is the malva herbal tea indicated especially when a lowering of voice occurs in addition to sinusitis. The mallow herbal tea should be consumed in moderation because it could have a laxative effect.

3. Suffumigi

Among the most effective and easy to put into practice natural remedies are suffumigi, the vapor succeeds in reopening the nasal sinuses giving relief also to the headache. To make the fumigations just melt the coarse salt in boiling water, then put the head on the basin and cover with a towel.

A few drops of essential oils can be poured in water and salt, the best are:

10 drops are enough to have the benefits immediately, compared to other essential oils they are more aromatic.

The mother tinctures extracted from certain plants possess interesting phytotherapeutic properties, such as the mother tincture of Echinacea. Just take 30 drops 3 times a day in order to increase your immune defenses and thus counteract the infection.

5. Cataplasm

The poultice is a wrap which is used to decongest, it is prepared using an onion and six radishes. Just prepare a puree that is applied on sterile gauzes, then rest on the face or in the painful areas, leaving it to act for at least half an hour.

Other natural remedies

There are other remedies to reduce sinusitis such as:

  • facial massages: which can relieve symptoms and help dissolve mucus
  • fluidizing foods: such as those containing vitamin C and sulfur.
  • spa treatments: if you suffer from chronic sinusitis


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