Spagyric products: for which diseases are they indicated?

Spagiria was one of the most widely used healing methods in the past: discover the spagyric remedies most used to rebalance the mind and body and achieve holistic wellbeing.

Spagiria: meaning of the term

Spagiria has a meaning that has its roots in ancient times. It is a philosophy according to which all that exists is the result of relations between energetic forces. The disease is the representation of a disharmonious relationship between the different energetic qualities that constitute the vital energy of the person.

The term Spagiria derives from the Greek verbs spao and agheiro, meaning “separo” and “unisco”, with reference to the practice of extracting the divine principle of the remedy, purifying it and reuniting it with the energetic and corporeal component in an enhanced form. It is called the “equilibrium medicine” precisely because it states that in healthy men the dense and subtle forces are in perfect energy balance.

Spagyric remedies

In spagyric remedies all the components of the natural individual must be present and purified, namely the Salt (body), the Sulfur (soul), the Mercury (spirit), so that the corresponding human environments can be supported. The doctor, once the cause of the disease is recognized, can find the right healing path that results in a finding of harmony for the patient. However, true healing occurs only after an awareness on the part of the patient, supported by the therapeutic methods that give the impulses necessary for self-healing.

Spagyric remedies include the choice of precise plants and minerals, as each of them has energetic bonds with the planets, the human organs and has particular therapeutic virtues. Spagyric essences are prepared according to specific phases for which fresh plants are used, collected in uncontaminated areas or low pollution areas. For example, the Hypericum, a solar plant that blooms during the summer solstice, strengthens the vital energy, is used for physical and mental exhaustion and supports the nervous system.
Spagyric dyes, on the other hand, can be found in liquid form of essences, individual or in mixture, but also in the form of natural ointments and anti-inflammatories. Today these spagyric remedies are used as therapies without contraindications.

Spagyric products: for which pathologies are indicated

Spagyric products are recommended in cases of acute and chronic disorders, and also for prophylaxis measures. Since they do not cause damage or have side effects, they can also be used by the elderly and children.

Some formulas, whether liquid or ointment, can help in case of detoxification from alcohol, tobacco, drugs and to make diets even after taking the drug. Many spagyric essences are used to treat mental disorders, such as anxiety or depression: they are able to help reduce the impact of a shock by managing situations of particular trauma.


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