All the virtues of the steam bath for the face

The steam bath has been used for centuries by many cultures to purify the skin in depth and stimulate blood circulation, we discover how to do it at home.

During the change of season the skin always needs care, ( discover the beauty routine for the winter ), in addition and the steam bath is a cuddle to which you should not really give up unless, one does not suffer from couperose or other pathologies at the level of the micro circle that could be affected by high temperatures.

For centuries in fact, steam has represented a real ritual of health and beauty for the skin, this also in modern times and until a few decades ago, when it was the first step for a complete facial cleansing. Today, the opening of the pores occurs more and more often, through the application of cosmetic products or completely avoided. But we all discover the benefits of the steam bath for the face and how to do it at home.

Steam bath, all the benefits to the skin and how to do it at home

 Facial steam bath, how to do it at home

The steam bath is a beauty ritual to which every woman should undergo at least once a week. Unless there are contraindications of the dermatologist, the facial skin can only benefit from it. In fact, the steam allows the skin to expel excess toxins, open the pores and cleanse it deeply, especially the one hit by blackheads. Organizing a steam bath for the face in your own home will be a real girls’ game, here’s how!

Put to boil a liter and a half of water and once it reaches boiling, turn off the heat, transfer the water to a large enough bowl and enrich the water with essential oils such as lemon, rosemary or lavender, perfect for cleaning and disinfecting problematic skin such as acne. Green tea bags or herbal blends easily available in herbal medicine can also be added to the boiling water.

After putting a towel on the head, bow to the bowl with boiling water and steam the face derives from it. This for about 15 minutes, after which, you can dry your face and or proceed with the application of the treatment cream or once a week with the application of an exfoliating scrub that cleans the skin in depth.


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