Girl in front of a mirror removing makeup from her face with a cotton towel

We know many makeup techniques, we know how to make the perfect eyeliner and even what products to combine to obtain the most striking eye shadow, but what do we know about face cleaning?

Clean your face at night not only it’s about using micellar water or creams; You must follow a routine to remove makeup in the best possible way. Rest assured that your face will thank you.

Why do you have to remove make-up?

Even if you had a very day Busy and complicated it is very important to clean your face before going to sleep. Failure to do so will start the problems of acne, dry skin, early appearance of wrinkles and even infections and irritation in the eyes caused by chemicals in beauty products.

1. Start with your eyes

 Girl in front of the mirror wearing a bathrobe and a towel on her head while she removes her eyes with a cotton pad

The vast majority of eyeliners or mascara have formulas waterproof that do not run or stain us. The lasting effect of these products remain so attached to the eyelashes and eyelids that they are difficult to remove only with water, so you have to use an oil-based make-up remover.

Close your eyes and put a cotton pad with make-up remover on your eyelids for ten seconds. In this way cotton absorbs makeup particles. That way you don’t have to rub them and cause some damage or break your eyelashes.

2. Remove the blush illuminator and base

 Girl in front of a mirror watching how she removes makeup

The best thing to remove the rest of the makeup is the gel, foam, tonic or micellar water You must ensure that they are specific to your skin type, whether it is oily, mixed, dry or mature. With the help of a cotton pad gently remove the makeup from the inside out.

3. Do not forget about waste

 Girl in front of a mirror doing a makeup routine to remove waste

With a dry pad remove excess makeup, especially in the part of the nose and under of the eyes.

4. Wash your face very well

 Girl washing her face to remove makeup and impurities

After removing everything, wash your face with soap and water. Remember that warm water is the best option, because that way you do not eliminate the natural oils that your skin generates, however if you do it with hot water, in addition to hurting it, you will open the pores and allow the entry of particles that will damage your dermis.

5. Dry your face with a special towel

 Girl in front of the mirror drying her face with a towel

Buy a small towel that is exclusive to your face. Choose the softest ones so that the fibers do not harm your face; at the time of drying do it with soft touches instead of rubbing it.

6. Moisturize

 Girl wearing a towel on her hair while facing the mirror smearing moisturizer

Once your skin is clean, apply a tonic or moisturizer at night, so you avoid the formation of premature wrinkles and you will have a radiant skin upon waking.


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