A social trend for several seasons: hair in the thousand shades of sunset. The sunset hair colors the web on the profiles of romantic souls (but not only)

Among the seasonal hair-color trends there are them, the sunset hair. As the word itself suggests, it is the sunset that represents the source of inspiration for colorists everywhere. So all the shades ranging from yellow to purple, passing through the various reds, rest on the hair giving a bold and romantic aura at the same time. Why, let’s face it, who is not enchanted by a suggestive sunset, by the sea as well as at high altitude? The sky abandons its blue to dress in exciting colors. Today, these colors can also be worn by the hair!

Multicolor trend

In itself any multicolor trend (remember the geode hair or the macaron hair?) Adapts easily to each hair. Long, medium, short: the use of several colors at the same time that fall between the strands, turns into a surprise on every head. You can be braver and opt for a complete sunset, with a transition from golden yellow to purple in less than no time, or, for the most discreet spirits, mix three to four shades not going beyond red-orange tones. In any case, the result will certainly be suggestive and original.

Social inspiration

From the social confirmation that this trend is fashion. The hashtag to type is #sunsethair and, by pressing the send, more than 47 thousand posts will appear in a few seconds. Among the various color ideas, some shades are always present (yellow, orange and red) while the use of others (purple and blue) depends on the final objective. In any case, they are all ready to weave together to give the result a breathtaking sunset effect.

And then?

After an “important” coloring like this, it is essential to maintain a targeted beauty routine for the hair. Which means using specific products that keep the hair hydrated and protected (especially from the sun) and the bright color. Finally, according to the experts, it would be advisable to avoid washing the hair in the three days following the treatment to ensure that the pigments stabilize.

Ready to browse through our selection of sunset hair and find the version you would like to dare?

On a bob wavy the sunset hair is enhanced with the nature effect

Long bob and sunset shades that come to purple

From yellow to magenta, all the shades of the sunset for the classic sunset

Brilliant Sunset Hair, with vibrant shades

On waves, the sunset is enhanced especially

XXL hair and sunset from yellow to purple

Bob with long tips, he prefers the sunset that fades from golden yellow to bright red


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