If you have returned from vacation, a trip to the beautician is absolutely necessary: do you want to refurbish nails and feet? Start with a nice pedicure.

The beach holidays will have no doubt helped you relax, but too much sun and sea water could have damaged your feet and nails. If you have returned to the city after a holiday, you can also book a visit to the beautician. If you are a DIY enthusiast, pay attention: we will explain how to take care of your feet comfortably at home.

How to perform a pedicure

Especially in the summer, thanks to the high temperatures and open sandals, the feet are a part to be treated with particular care. In addition to nail polish and nails it is important to pay attention to the heels, which are easily cracked, and to the skin which is not very hydrated.

You can also take advantage of the pedicure time to relax and relax a bit with a nice foot bath, so keep your feet soaked in lukewarm water with baking soda for 15-20 minutes. Now let’s see in detail what are the steps to take for a pedicure in a workmanlike manner.

The scrub

The scrub should be performed not only when you return from vacation, but at least once a week. After making it, dip your feet in the water again and dedicate yourself to the heels, softening them, if necessary, with essential oils. To remove dead skin you can use a pumice stone, while for calluses and calluses you can rely on specific products based on keratolytic agents, which are left on until the hardened skin slowly exfoliates itself.

Nail care

After taking care of the skin, the time has come to dedicate yourself to nails. First, proceed to cut them: be careful to cut only the nail edge, or the white terminal part of the nail, taking care not to cut them too short to avoid infections. Afterwards limatele with a lime, giving them the shape you prefer. To complete the curative pedicure and have perfect feet for the summer, remove the excess skin with the help of tweezers and massage it all with a moisturizer: carefully massage the instep, heels and ankles, so as to stimulate the circulation.

The Polish

At this point you can proceed with the gel polish or semi-permanent. First, place your fingers apart with cotton balls if you want to avoid getting dirty and then proceed with a protective and transparent base, which will help you to keep the polish on. Regarding the choice of texture, we recommend avoiding low-coverage glazes if the nail underneath is damaged or pearled if the nail is streaked. After passing it, wait for a few minutes, and repeat the operation for a second pass. Finish off with a coat of top coat and you’re done.


Since too much sun tends to dry out the skin, we advise you to moisturize your feet more than once. Even at the end of your feet routine, rely on creams and oils with emollient and nourishing characteristics, and give yourself a few minutes of daily massage to stimulate blood circulation. At this point, your feet will be back as new, and you can show them off with pride even on the most important occasions.


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