Tan, how to keep it when you return to the city

Has the holiday period given us a healthy complexion and a beautiful tan? Here are the tips to keep it coming back to the city.

The tan you took during sunbathing on vacation gives you and you don’t want to lose it now that you’re back to the daily routine between home, work and various commitments? Here are some tips on how to keep the tan in the long run.

Let’s discover together all daily igesti and skin care to keep the tan intact until autumn.

How to keep the tan of the summer as long as possible

The tanned skin always gives us a good look and everyone’s desire, on returning from vacation, is to keep it more long possible. There are those who resort to a few tanning sessions, but for all those who like to be as natural as possible, here are some tips for treating the skin and maintaining the summer’s color even in autumn.


Hydration is the key word to keep your tan. In fact, a dry skin tends to flake and lose its color naturally. Using a good moisturizing serum and a treatment with a very full-bodied texture, even several times a day, will be the secret to show off a tan very long.


It will seem bizarre, but exfoliating the skin in a delicate way will be the secret to having a tanned skin as long as possible.


Eating foods rich in beta-carotene and vitamins A and E will help the skin maintain its complexion. In general, all the orange and yellow vegetables are rich.

Sunbathing even in the city

Taking advantage of an outdoor lunch break or weekend getaway to catch the last rays of sunshine, will be a good habit to keep the healthy color that holidays on the beach or in the mountains have given.


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