Lipstick and gloss: which colors to choose for the tan? Not all lipsticks are suitable for summer and, depending on the complexion, find out which one to choose

Colorful, intense, nude, matte or shiny, lipsticks and glosses complement every woman’s make-up and beauty routine. First of all during the summer the care of the lips is fundamental: chapped and dry lips with skin, besides being unsightly, they are not very healthy.

Sun protection and some good habits, such as doing a scrub regularly, make the mouth soft, healthy and ready to shine with the right shade of lipstick. Which color to choose in the summer? Very obviously it depends on the personal characteristics but above all on the complexion of the skin: light or dark, olive-like, etc.

Tanned skin lipstick

A fairly widespread and reasonable habit is to wear less makeup with the arrival of heat. Just a bit of mascara and a bit of color given by bright lipsticks, to get a fresh, lively and rested effect. With the heat of the long summer days in the city, products with a light texture are moreover always welcome.

Considering then that the sun tends to dehydrate the skin, the day is easier to opt for glosses or satin lipsticks, giving liveliness but are rather light. For the evening, instead, you can focus on something more decisive like a matte lipstick, matte or even a lip dye for a visually full and longer-lasting effect. Moving on to different shades, in summer, “warm” nuances are generally preferred.

If you have a fairly light base complexion, coral but also peach pink may be a good idea. For an evening instead, the king of lipsticks, that is red, combined with a thread of rimmel, is the passe-partout of every occasion, always très chic. For darker complexions, it is better to use orange or stronger shades of rose such as blueberry or mallow. If you like brick colors the most, even bronze or copper can do for you, especially with a warm undertone.

Types of lipstick

Finally, it is good to clarify the different types of lipstick, whether you prefer the stick or the liquid version. Depending on the texture, there are many products to choose from based on coverage, comfort and opportunities.

  • Creamy. The classic, runs well on the lips, the color is full and is slightly shiny.
  • Matte. Opaque, decidedly fashionable in recent years, gives a richer effect but depending on the various products, it can be a little dry on the lips.
  • Satin. A cross between the first two, it has more delicate, bright reflections and is less intense.
  • Velvet. Literally velvet therefore full color but slightly less opaque than matte.
  • Sheer. Just a veil of color, super light, undemanding.
  • Pearly. Perhaps a little vintage with its precisely pearly effect.
  • Metallic. Opaque and semi-opaque, very special.
  • Gloss. Transparent or colored, today they are more pigmented and rich in nutrients. Bright, they give volume to the lips.
  • Tints. Generally they have a matte finish but they also have a shiny part to be superimposed on the opaque part to give it more brightness and make it last longer. There are also lighter oil dyes.

Finally, among the lipsticks, you could also include colored lip balm, definitely more like a lip balm, but that thread of color can be used as a base or for any adjustments during the day or why not, right on the beach.


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