Beautiful and tanned even when pregnant? It is possible, but paying particular attention

Taking care of your body is important during the whole pregnancy, but what is often asked is whether it is possible for example to be able to sunbathe quietly, without having any kind of undesired effect. In summer it is nice to have a darker and healthier complexion and many women, even for fashion, like to see themselves in the mirror tanning. In addition, exposure to the sun and open air is known to also improve mood. No problem, even in pregnancy the tan is welcome, but with much more attention and common sense than usual. In this regard there is a difference to be made between natural suntan, that is with normal sun exposure, and artificial suntan, so to speak with lamps.

Artificial tan

Tanning by means of lamps or sunbeds and solar showers, as is well known also according to the latest research, can create serious problems, for example causing greater potential for the development of skin cancer. This risk depends above all on the hours dedicated to this type of exposure.
During pregnancy, the woman’s skin is even more delicate and sensitive, which is why it might be appropriate to protect her from inadequate exposure to potentially dangerous sources: you can burn yourself more easily or have more intense erythema, if you are already predisposed to these types of dermatological reactions. Furthermore, the high temperatures reached during a lamp can cause a drop in pressure.
The advice would be to use common sense and perhaps in the 9 months before giving birth avoid exposure to sources of light so intense and not very delicate with the skin as much as possible.

Sun exposure

A rule that applies to everyone, but is not always respected: the hottest and sunniest hours of the day are to be avoided, therefore especially those around lunchtime. It is also highly advisable to use a cream with a very high protective factor on the whole body. During pregnancy, these indications must be followed even more scrupulously, for one’s own health and that of the child.
Because, for example, the legs can suffer particularly from the intense heat and then have problems of heaviness and circulation, it is better to stay under the umbrella when the sun is too high in the sky. The protection to be used on the beach must be at least 30 or 50+; attention especially to the skin of the face, which is particularly delicate, if not adequately protected may appear the so-called “mask of pregnancy”, also known as chloasma, or a disorder characterized by a pigmentation that focuses on the forehead and cheeks, a darkening of the skin that remembers a mask.

“Useful” rules

From a dietary point of view it is good to remember to increase the intake of vitamin D, useful for better and naturally protecting the skin and getting it used to exposure to sunlight.
In addition, the skin must always be moisturized, also use the sprayers to water the plants, but you are never with dry skin, this good hydration will avoid the unsightly stretch marks, or those colored stripes.
Used for the eyes of good sunglasses, rely on a trusted optician and beware of unwary purchases, even the eyes have to be protected, as well as advice to repair the head wearing a hat, maybe fresh straw that does not make you sweat but protects .

In the sun even with a big belly!

In pregnancy, therefore, it is not at all necessary to stay closed at home, but it is simply good to protect yourself in the right and most logical way possible, without depriving yourself of anything, just by being careful not to make mistakes that would then be paid not only aesthetically.
For the exposition, perfect are the first hours of the morning, when the sun will be more delicate: take a nice walk on the shoreline if you are at the sea or on a beautiful mountain path. At the sea you gradually enter the water up to your belly and walk, you and the baby will benefit, thanks to the fluidity of the movements, and at the same time the sun you will take will not be excessive.


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