Tanning your face well, together with your body can be difficult, here are some tricks to get an even tan

Do you know how tan your face ? Many women are afraid of getting burned and therefore avoid sun exposure, but unfortunately it cannot be covered like other parts of the body. A tanned face is very coveted, but for a flawless tan you have to expose yourself frequently, up to the favorite complexion.

  • cleansing the face to get ready for the sun
  • feeding to speed up a tan supplements to tan quickly
  • avoid sun spots on the face

Facial cleansing to prepare for the sun

 facial remedies remedies

If we do not do the cleaning of the face the tan will be visibly affected. The cosmetics products that are used in the winter and autumn are also not suitable for the summer season. A bit before the summer it is important to use refreshing and purifying face masks, to prepare it for tanning.

It is advisable to use face creams with sun protection even if we are in the city and we do not go to the sea. The use of make-up is not advisable, as they attract Uva and UVB rays because they can cause sunspots.

The right diet to accelerate tanning

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A healthy and balanced nutrition prepares us for sun exposure and avoids the onset of stains. It is preferable to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, especially orange and yellow ones, because they contain beta-carotene and carotenoids.

You can prepare a fruit salad for an afternoon snack, drink centrifuged for breakfast. In short, we can contribute to tan starting from table

Here is the list of foods that accelerate tanning :

  1. Carrots
  2. Apricots
  3. Radicchio
  4. Yellow melon
  5. Celery
  6. Pomodoro
  7. Peppers
  8. Chicory and lettuce
  9. Pesche
  10. Cherries

So eating well helps protect yourself from the sun but also allows you to tan better of to keep the tan longer .

On the market, there are several dietary supplements, available in tablets, sachets or capsules that speed up the tan and protect us from sunburn.

But we must not think that taking these supplements are no longer necessary sunscreens.

Here are some supplements and stimulators:

  • The melanin is a supplement that helps us to tan faster but also to protect the skin from UV rays.
  • The beta-carat : you can buy tablets in pharmacies if you don’t eat the foods that contain it.
  • The dandelion and Reishi mushroom : uncommon and little used, they protect the skin and improve the tan. Available on the market in the form of capsules or beverages.

Avoid sun spots on the face

Sunspots on the face and skin are, unfortunately, a rather common drawback. There are remedies, natural and not, that can eliminate them, including effective lotions and creams.

The dark spots are the most common, and appear, again after exposure to the sun, to cause of the following factors: inflammatory states, hormonal changes, and use of photosensitizing drugs or supplements.

  • Inflammatory states : when there are waxing irritations or scars exposure to sun, it can cause the formation of spots.
  • Hormonal variations : pregnant or menopausal women are more exposed to sun spots, especially those that take the contraceptive pill. Since there are hormonal changes sun exposure can cause discoloration. The areas involved are the forehead, chin, cheekbones and in the area of ​​the baffetti .
  • The polycystic ovary can cause dark spots after exposure to the sun. [19659004] Photosensitizing supplements or drugs : anti-inflammatories, antibiotics or supplements can cause damage after sun exposure. The drugs that you take should not be photosensitizers.

If your face already has widespread spots, due to a wild youth in the sun, you can use a lightening cream. Alternatively, if it is necessary to contact the dermatologist who will indicate the specialized centers for their definitive removal with laser or chemical peeling treatments. What are the facial spots?

  • Melasma : brown-colored patches with an irregular shape that appear above all for hormonal reasons on the face but also on the décolleté and ears.
  • Lentigo senili : appear on the face, on the back of the hands and on the décolleté usually after the age of 40. The spots are dark in color and circular in shape.
  • Freckles : they are born because melanocytes concentrate in particular in some cells.
  • Efelidi : they are specks of blue color emerging due to excess melanin. In general they are hereditary and appear as early as adolescence.

Natural remedies against sunspots

In addition to specific dermatological creams and treatments, there are also natural remedies effective in eliminating sunspots and preventing them from reappearing. These remedies are not invasive and do not stress the epidermis. Here are some solutions that can do for you: the important thing is that they are left to act on the affected part of the skin for at least 15 minutes.

  • The lemon juice if applied on the interested part and left to act for a few minutes it has anti-inflammatory power. It can be combined with rose water to make it more delicate
  • essential oils in particular celery and carrot
  • L rose water or Rosehip oil .
  • Gel Aloe vera
  • sodium bicarbonate and corn starch ; with the latter you can make a compress with warm water and lemon juice.

You can also choose herbal teas which guarantee a less effective and immediate action.


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