The black color in clothes

The word «nero» comes from the Latin «sordes» which means «dirty» or «dirty». The black color is so loved by many fashionistas that this «offensive» word like «dirty», you don’t want to call.

Beautiful black color design and clothing

Black color, only at first glance it may seem boring, however, this is the tasteful color. The presence of the black color cannot be ignored. With the introduction of black, almost no one asks the question – what color is it? But despite this, the shades of black a lot. If you imagine black velvet or black lace, black sweater or black leather, and here and there the black looks different. That is, the fabrics of different textures we can see and different black shades.

 The black color in clothes

What is black? The black color is dependent on our perception, so different shades of black color expresses a range of sensations, for example, a delicate black veil, the sad color of mourning, depth of color, of black velvet, rich black taffeta color, which flowing in black chiffon, flowing, glossy, satin, glossy black lacquered.

1. Black in color that perfectly blends jewelery and costume jewelery. But on a black background dust, scratches and cutting defects are clearly visible.

2. The black color in contrast with the color of the face. You can highlight the face, to make it more impressive or to emphasize the pallor, “tired”. Especially in an unfavorable light, the black color indicates dark circles under the eyes and bags.

3. This is the color that owners of light skin, dark hair and bright expressive eyes adorn, and blondes with dark eyes. The black color is decorated with young people, wrinkles, nasolabial wrinkles, light complexions, etc. are detected with black background

 The black color in clothes
 The black color in clothes

The psychology of perception del nero

In psychology, black means silence, isolation, independence, stubbornness, it is pushed for the call and the violation of prohibitions. It is the color of rebellious, extremist, mourning, power youth. Punk, rock, and other subculture choose this color as a symbol of rejection of the values ​​of society.

In Orthodoxy, it is the color of monasticism, where it symbolizes detachment and dying monk for worldly life, but this does not mean that the sorrow for alleged lost values, but rather freedom from the slavery of the pleasures of the world, where the place for the prosperity of sin, and so for the death of the soul.

 The black color in clothes

Many people prefer black as a defense mechanism. At the same time, others believe it is a color of depression, despondency.

Black color on one side – the color of power and independence, on the other hand, its chosen people insecure, the feeling is the possibility of not showing emotions and not to think of combinations with other leaders. In fact, the black color makes the lack of taste and imagination invisible. As you can see, the black color is multifaceted and contradictory. And he chooses each of us, according to their preferences and their character.

Black beyond fashion, beyond time, beyond age. She’s more friendly with a precious necklace and black army boots. However, black color can be with us and deceit. This color is merciless to our aging individuals. So, try using the black color for attractive and elegant combinations.

If you bought a black thing, you’ve probably noticed that it goes with everything. But that doesn’t mean you have to dress all in black.

 The black color in clothes

Elegant rules for black

1. To not look at the black sheep, follow the rules. All black things should be in the same style.

2. Do not match the total black look with things that are the same texture. The best way would be if all parts of the kit shadow each other, the cut and texture of the fabric. In such an elegant and expressive way, it looks like a tuxedo, where shiny lapels and Matt seat in contrast to each other.

3. The goal should not be to maximize body transparency. For the most part it is about feet. How is it considered? This means that under a short black dress stylists in a voice that recommends thick or thin black tights, and tights are excluded. Open arms, or a neckline is not forbidden, that is, for most of the bottom it should be dark in color.

4. Bright and colorful jewelry is not recommended. Must wear silver jewelry, pearl necklaces and necklaces with platinum and precious stones. Gold perhaps, but not always the image of the lady of gold color, wins the game.

5. The perfect complement can be black gloves.

6. Hair should be elegant and clean or with adequate decoration for the hair, or tall and sinuous.

7. The makeup should be laid out in detail, the main elements that can serve as a concealer and powder and flamboyant lipstick.

 The black color in clothes

The combination of black with other colors

Combinable black with colored dresses. Eternally fashionable classics is the combination of black and any shade of white. This dress looks elegant and rigorous, so it is universal.

Black in combination with color tones that creates a focus on bright colors.

Black and red rebel and bold combination leads to dramatic and at the same time , aristocratic effect. This combination has always been fashionable, telling us about the past images of famous artists, and it is unlikely to become obsolete. The combination of red and black to interrupt women, which is no stranger to individuality and independence. The combination of red and black emphasizes passion and confidence.

 The black color in clothes

Black with purple – rather a winning choice for evening dresses. This combination is ideal for business and romantic images.

Black and gray . No less nobly it presents as a combination of black with shades of gray.

Black with pastel shades . When creating a business of black color images it looks good with pastel tones, shades of pink, mint, lavender and many other shades. Such images are very necessary can be a light silk scarf or scarf.

 The black color in clothes

Black and white, graphic

Black and white prints look good on all leaders. Chicken, paw, geometric ornament, black and white checkered checkered black and white black and white polka dots, floral prints with many other models and patterns that always remain popular.

The contrast combination of black and any shade of white – a strong and active technique, and therefore attracts attention immediately. This dress can be considered universal, as it is suitable for all occasions.

To fully exploit the potential of black and white, you can focus on one color, while the second for use as an accent. Very striking and original image can be obtained by combining these two colors, matching things in black and white with things, which prints the same colors.

 The black color in clothes

Black, perfectly combined with bright colors. And easier to say, black goes with any color. But to create a good image, take a look at their complexion, eyes, hair and slim body. No less than all the complementary color shades to choose the one that fits

 The black color in clothes
 The black color in clothes
 The black color in clothes

By black in clothing and fashion

Every fashionista has a black sheath dress, black shoes, black dress pants, black pencil skirt, black bag and black gloves in her wardrobe. And the black lace dress! It’s incredibly beautiful!

Black, often choose his clothes, the representatives of different subcultures and creative personalities. Hairdressers sometimes call him with the color of intellectuals and individualists. The black color in the clothes will be a clear a-line silhouette and perfect proportions. But do it only if the cut and the silhouette is correct. Black in fashion is not only practical, but also the correction of unwanted volumes.

Black in combination with light shades and creates an authoritarian way business kit, and in combination with bright colors and dynamic and powerful image. To be completely in a black suit at a business meeting, you need to think well. On the one hand the black color cannot doubt the determination of its owner, and, on the other hand, they could intensify the resistance of the adversaries.

Black evening dress is gorgeous. Evening dress in black almost always looks luxurious. Elegant dress in a tuxedo, little black dress, long lace dress, in black velvet dress or dress …

Black dress lace creates intrigue, as they allow you to see hidden under the naked body as your modesty allows.

The black coat is one of the most iconic clothing items. It is there for all those who wish to be fashionable in all situations. Versatile, elegant and practical black coat, and therefore able to create different images in many styles. Black coat – classic example that never goes out of style

 The black color in clothes

Black accessories

Black shoes suitable for various kinds, not just for clothing. With black shoes it will look better, black tights. A universal solution is a black bag, which, depending on the shape and decoration can complete any look – business, casual or evening. With a black bag on the right the solution of black gloves. Finally, black pumps, which are considered classics.

Decorations for black dresses

Jewels can be worn in a variety, however, the classic version – a string of pearls, the embodiment of the beautiful, sublime, feminine. But look at gorgeous decoration in white gold, silver, platinum. You can use bright jewelry, but you should be careful not to lose your sense of proportion. Jewelry like a necklace or necklaces, will help push the face black color. This is particularly necessary for those who are black “don’t do”.

 The black color in clothes


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