The procedure of Botox for eyelashes

Most girls enjoying for a longer time with mascara complaining their eyelashes caused various changes. Many changes that lead to the loss of eyelashes, making them thin, sparse and weak.

For those who wish they were dark, long, rather thick and beautiful eyelashes, it is possible to bring this desire of life, thanks to a unique procedure, «Botox for eyelashes – Botox eyelashes» artificial without augmentation

Botox for eyelashes – Botox Ciglia

Botox Ciglia – exclusive, regenerating, moisturizing treatment, able to restore the natural beauty of eyelashes.

 The procedure of Botox for eyelashes

Sometimes Botox for eyelashes confused with lamination, the procedure that fills the hair with keratin. But they are two completely different services. The fact is that without the use of sealing heat, keratin, rather quickly, leaves Sivas Eyelashes water during bathing, to wash. In normal form, it only affects the tone and shape of the hair, without affecting the structure.

The use of Botox for eyelashes has become possible thanks to the technological revolution. Numerous studies have led to the creation of this extraordinary beauty treatment. With Botox Ciglia without surgery and the threat to increase drugs can be returned to the eyelashes, glow, density, health and natural beauty.

Botox Ciglia contains powerful ingredients such as:

    hyaluronic acid, which has a high moisturizing effect, has a strong influence on the fragile and dries the hair, keratin renews and improves the structure of the hair, due to full saturation (the roots) and hydrolysis; collagen has a positive effect on the condition of the eyelids and eyelashes to protect from negative, flexible, smooth and young influences; panthenol contains vitamin b, necessary to hydrate and soften; tocopherol is an antioxidant that have a regenerating effect and increase the life span of eyelashes; argan oil – a miracle cure that stops the aging process, provides growth, strengthening and hydration of the skin.

The Botox eyelash procedure does not require injections into the skin of the eyelid, brings natural beauty, strength, softness, shine, revitalizes eyelashes and gives them good growth

with Botox Eyelashes allowed:

    • sleep buried in a pillow; to swim using a variety of detergents (soap, shampoo); do not carry out water treatment, a visit to the bathroom; swimming in the sea, salt water; lenses;

The application of mascara cosmetics, skin care.

 The procedure of Botox for eyelashes

Well, when there is no feeling of discomfort, allergic reactions when the girl is happy with the their natural eyelashes.

Botox eyelash procedure takes place in 3 stages:

Biowave – thanks to this, the eyelashes acquire a good curvature, visually they begin to seem long. The coloring, to then become black, from beginning to end. The application of Botox Eyelashes – is nourished and strengthened.

The modern rapid pace of life, when the role that plays not even a minute, not infrequently, of not leaving time for women to apply makeup. But to save a lot of time, choosing a procedure with long-lasting results. With Botox your eyelashes will look great, and you will forever forget about cosmetics!

 The procedure of Botox for eyelashes

Botox Eyelashes – this is the case, when it was pleasant combined with useful. The procedure provides unimaginable and painless result, leaving a pleasant feeling. Thus, in addition to the strong, beautiful and powerful Eyelashes, the girl gets a good mood and a lot of reasons, for joy!

In this procedure, the most important lasting result in time. Customers to see the amazing effect within two months.

 The procedure of Botox for eyelashes

The reviews are very positive among those who used Botox

Read reviews and do the Botox for eyelashes

    Ekaterina Sidorov, 28 years old. I confess that my eyelashes before the procedure looked good. However, often, due to time constraints I could not even touch their mascara, but they have deep black lashes Oh, how I wanted to … Comparing the prices on Botox and mascara, I chose the first option: I was attracted by the promise of excellent results! In fact, in a procedure, the execution of three wishes: to color, Brazilian blowout, revitalizing effect. The result is very satisfied with me, and after two months I repeated the procedure. In addition to the immediate visual effect, Botox Ciglia causes a rapid update of the eyelashes, and subsequent treatments bring even more value. Elena Rodionova, 33. The procedure I had at the beauty salon. First, you biozavivka – clock on the eyelashes of special rollers and fixed with their special glue. Then elaborated by various means: the first means for the iron, for the dyeing and in the end the Botox. Surprised by the painlessness of the procedure. I recommend that you close your eyes during the session to avoid the entry of mortar, which can cause pain. The result is a delicious effect I did not expect! Like the finished wizard, I looked at myself in the mirror and immediately noticed a change: the lashes from root to tip were black, rather long, voluminous, with a nice curve. It was nice to realize that the result of a long and no longer necessary to apply mascara. Now I have a beautiful, lively look, I’m not worried about your appearance and calmly, without hysterical swimming in the pool, of a sauna. In a month they are registered on a second procedure. It is really a way when there is no desire to always use mascara.



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