The final phase of the male orgasm is called the refractory period and coincides with that moment in which the penis passes from complete erection to the flaccid state, during which the man has no more sexual stimulation and in some cases the simple brushing of the genitals creates discomfort.

All this happens because, after ejaculation, in the male brain it becomes release two hormones: oxytocin which lowers testosterone levels and serotonin which triggers relaxation and consequently sleep.That’s why so many men fall after making love in a deep sleep

Differences in recovery times

Why And some men have faster recovery times and after having reached orgasm shortly if they are stimulated and excited, they succeed in having a relationship again, and others, instead, need more time to make love again?
Il refractory period is not the same for all people, and depends on many factors including the situation, the emotional state, the physical form and the duration of the previous relationship.
An element that particularly affects is age of man: at 20 years 5/10 minutes are enough to recover, at 30 it must be around 20/30 and at a mature age it is sometimes necessary even 24 hours.
The feeling that one has with the partner then is a a basic factor that contributes to lengthen or shorten recovery times because the more understanding there is, the easier it will be to re-energize and start playing under the sheets.

What to do and not do

It is important that women c onoscano this masculine characteristic for to avoid remaining evil if after having made love his companion turns to the other side and falls asleep.
Therefore it is necessary to allow time for the man to rest and recover your energy: perhaps in silence, simply by stroking his back.
Talk and a thousand questions should be avoided, because after orgasm the cerebral cortex that regulates the mechanisms of attention stops working and the risk that he does not listen is very high!
If, however, she is still excited she can try to touch herself without involving a penetration relationship, but “being satisfied” with other erotic games.


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