Rules applying matte lipstick

Modern fashion becomes increasingly natural popular.
Paintings and vysvetlilas girls are not uncommon. Which is why women look matte makeup. It blends with the natural tone of the skin, not standing up, but still, highlighting the desired part of the face. Matte for make-up cannot be imagined without a matte lipstick. There are some features of a choice of cosmetics

A choice of matte lipsticks

When choosing to pay attention to the product. It should contain skin care products aimed at the Lip moisturizer. Also study the list of components of those that can cause allergies. If you have a sensitivity to beeswax, note the lipstick with palm oil. Some tips for choosing lipstick color:

With light skin and dark hair go well with cherry, plum and scarlet. Dark-skinned, girls should avoid such bright colors, the selection for a tan-brown lipstick shade: ocher, terracotta, bronze. If you have naturally light hair and fair skin, note the pink shades. For a night out, you can also use red lipstick to emphasize your lips. Pink shades, also suitable for brown hair, but red girls can use a rare color “burnt sienna”, which differ in their agrophoto. You can focus on the period of the year. The fact that solar activity depends on skin tone. Even if not in summer, eating indirectly from sunlight, the skin turns pink. Therefore, in summer and spring, warm shades of lipstick should be used, while in colder winter. The darker the tan, the more shade you want to use.  Rules applying matte lipstick

Composed of matte lipstick must contain skin care products that are aimed at moisturizing lip

Do not hesitate to carefully examine the lipstick before buying, because it depends on the health and beauty of lips. The smell of her, the smell suggests that the preservation time left. The lipstick must not be damaged, the surface must be smooth.

Opaque lipstick: reviews

When choosing the Lipstick, you should not rely only on your own experience, but also on the experience of other girls (both in positive than negative)

Maybelline matte lipstick: reviews

The history of the company Maybelline began in 1913 with mascara, but now produces and distributes products worldwide. Maybelline is a modern cosmetic, the trademark that is the availability of only 1-2 hundreds of rubles you have in your bag will be high-quality makeup items. But if it justifies quality?

Anastasia Kudryashova thinks so. Maybelline matte lipstick perfectly defines the girls lips, highlighting their face. Among the advantages Anastasia calls the price and great quality.

 Rules applying matte lipstick

Maybelline matte lipstick perfectly defines the girls lips, selecting them on the face

Average rating lipstick – 4.9, and this is with 92 votes. In the case of the company, Maybelline, opaque lipstick fully corresponds to its value of about 370 rubles.

Nyx matte lipstick: reviews

Nyx is a novelty for the cosmetics market. The company is only 17 years old. However, the cosmetics line includes over a thousand titles.

Nyx matte lipstick in 91 the item has a rating of 4.3, comparison with Maybelline, omission, and the price is more – 490 rubles.

Wearing Ellis put 3/5 rating. He has acquired three matte matte lipstic lipsticks to choose his own color. Despite the fact that the line is the same, with different shades of lipstick shows a different quality, according to the girl.

But the girl under the name of Mare-s comments on the lipstick matte lipstic positively, note the flip side is that she points to seluchenko on the lips, but this problem is very real. About the lipstick says that it is strong enough, easy to apply and does not spread, rich in colors, pleasant texture. Select the girl professionals.

 Rules applying matte lipstick

Nyx is new to the cosmetics market

Overall, the opinions are mixed.

Matte lipstick Mac reviews

The company was founded in 1984 and has since distributed its products worldwide. Lipstick Mac matte palette is quite expensive (about 900 rubles), so that user expectations are very inflated. The rating is 4.4.

Wearing Nostalgia, he gave a score of 3/5, he says the lipstick. 900 “tame” is not going to. The girl under the name of Furorius evaluates the lipstick in 2/5, noting the serious drought that the lipstick can be found. To cope with such problems, but to pay 900 rubles for cosmetics, of course, brute force. However, there were those who put the solid lipstick «5»: if the lips are less problematic, if the price / quality ratio are quite satisfied.

Vivienne Sabo, a matte lipstick: reviews

A company called the «Slope» was founded by Vivien in 2006. Today, the cosmetics of this brand is very popular because of its price, which is 235 rubles for a liquid lipstick Vivienne sabo. But the quality of the lipstick, as you can guess, is appropriate. Users, especially Grade 3 and 4, who ultimately give an average grade of 3.3

Wears Virineya notes that the lipstick rolls and spreads without a pencil. Lipstick vitality «is decent, but the snack for about 4 hours, causing constant need to touch the lips. The girl also writes that “lipstick leaves much to be desired.”

Opaque lipstick l oreal: reviews

The average cost of an opaque lipstick l Oreal Pure Rossi in Exclusive – 444 rubles, and given a rating of 4.7, the quality / price ratio is quite satisfied with the fair sex.

The lady with the nickname of Woman puts on a solid five, calling a lipstick «gem», «jewel of her lipstick collection».

How to apply lipstick?

Many girls talk negatively about matte lipstick, not knowing how to apply it. A similar effect is expected: matte shades immediately focus on lip defects, so it is important to tidy up before applying cosmetics such as.

 Rules applying matte lipstick

Perform the lip peeling procedure before applying a matte lipstick

Performing the peeling procedure for your lips is no longer the peel. At that point, moisturize the lips with a hygienic lipstick and then apply on the top of the matte.

Matte makeup: naturalness is back in fashion

The era of flashy and bright make-up, when attention was involved with colorful and eye-catching lipstick shadows, he’s gone. Women are now valued not for what they stand out of the crowd, and their naturalness, and it is no wonder, because the natural features of the face are usually the most beautiful, as if women do not try to change them plastic surgery and tattoos. What attracts natural makeup?

The advantages of matte makeup

Naturalness. They don’t stand out on the face. The possibility of creating a bright makeup in contrast – matte lipstick and bright blue eyeshadow. Suitable as a daily make-up, and for an evening out in the light. Duration. Kept all day, so perfect for work.

How is the matte makeup?

Some girls avoid matte makeup, thinking that he is able to highlight their tired appearance. Of course, the excess of purple is able to highlight dark circles, but only if the eyes are wrongly painted, so on this account, don’t worry.

 Rules applying matte lipstick

In opaque tones not immediately supine, so sharing the shadow is need for special brushes

Another problem may be the difficulty of application. In opaque tones not immediately supine, in order to share the shadow is needed special brushes, the creation of a gradual transition from light to shadow.

Classic make-up is as shown below

Before applying shadows, it is necessary to prepare the eyelids, applying a primer. The foundation is applied to the degreaser, clean the skin. When the primer is absorbed, the basic make-up can be started. Use a matte foundation and concealer to hide skin imperfections. As in the case of an opaque lipstick, the shadow of opening the irregularities of the skin, possessed by a woman, for example, the small wrinkles around the eyes. Fix Powder Foundation. Paint eyebrows. You need to comb with eyebrow comb brush, cut and paint shades for the eyebrows. After using a special hair styling and fixing gel. Apply a white shadow under the eyebrows to highlight the contrast between them and the skin. Use brown eyeliner around the eyes. You can draw a small arrow. Use brown, shade, shade milk or chocolate, spread it gently with a brush over the entire eyelid. Black eyelash or chocolate ink paint. Pay particular attention to what surrounds the face: use dark powder, it is necessary to highlight the cheekbones and gently fade with a sponge. You put the lipstick in a natural shade.  Rules applying matte lipstick

Thanks honey lips becomes softer and softer

Lip care

In the pursuit of perfect makeup and lipstick tones don’t forget the simple care of the lips:

Lip massage in 2-3 minutes with a toothbrush before putting on some lipstick to prevent flaking. Make a mask for the lips that are aimed at hydration and nutrition. One of the most popular is the honey mask. Apply honey on the lips for 5-10 minutes, this will make them softer. Use cocoa butter and baby lip care lotion in winter. Otherwise, it can lead to long term problems with peeling. Lubricate the lips with olive oil and at night, give them velvety. When buying a lipstick, pay attention to the composition. There is a need for nutrients that contribute to moisturizing the lips.  Rules applying matte lipstick

Lubricate lips with olive oil and at night to give them a velvety taste

It is better to spend more on lipstick, but make sure it is in your favor, to be disappointed from the cosmetics market.


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